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  1. For those who don’t remember, Obama purged at least 200 officers during his administration. Those remaining in power are the ones he let stay and who he promoted. Obama wanted to “fundamentally transform America” and the military was most definitely not exempt.


    In the end, the only officer fired for recent events will likely be that Marine Lt. Col. who stated that the senior leadership should be held accountable. He was relieved of his command and has submitted his resignation, but there are those who still want to court marshal him for daring to demand accountability of the “leadership”. They use that word, but it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

    1. “In the end, the only officer fired for recent events will likely be that Marine Lt. Col”

      Democrats in the military or IC who leak to the press or make overt statements to the press get promotions, books deals, TV jobs, or star in impeachment proceedings but if anyone criticizes the Democrats, the Democrats in power use every tool at their disposal to destroy them and a media that would normally get upset over abuse of power, cheers them on, if it gets covered at all.

  2. “Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, apologized for doing a photo op with Trump, erroneously buying into the narrative that Trump had ordered rioters cleared from Lafayette Square for the staged picture. Worse, he leaked to journalists that he was so angry with Trump that he “considered” resigning.”

    There was much outrage in the media and from Milley about the politicization of the military and how inappropriate it was for Milley to be seen with Trump at a church that was set on fire in a hate crime organized perpetrated by Democrats. Now, Milley views being political as his job and that the military should indoctrinate its members into extreme far left anti-American ideologies.

  3. Abolish the Pentagon. Now that there is a Space Force it should be torn down and rebuilt as the Hexagon.

      1. Yes, but if they cut some corners, wouldn’t they end up with something like an irregular dodecagon?

  4. Buchanan asks very pertinent, important questions:

    “Should al-Qaida or ISIS, energized by the U.S. humiliation in Afghanistan, choose to attack the 900 U.S. troops in Syria, or the 2,500 in Iraq, what would Biden do?

    Retaliate? Send in more troops as needed if the fighting escalates? Or get out and end the U.S. involvement in these other forever wars?”

    And what do our Glorious Military Leaders think?

    And if the Glorious Military Leaders think differently than Biden….what will they do?

    1. They will ask our ‘Glorious Leader’ Biden what ice cream flavor he likes… On a more serious note I expect token cruise missile strikes and a LOT of windbaggery from the Administration’s press secretaries.

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