12 thoughts on ““Our” Covid Policies”

  1. Almighty Fauci, please cover us.
    Come enclose us now within your mighty masks.
    Thank you that your hand is upon our lives.

    Gracious Fauci, please protect us.
    Come be with us in every moment of our days.
    Thank you that your televised presence is all around us.

    Prince of Wuhan, please bless us.
    Come keep our health in perfect balance.
    Thank you for the gain of function. We are truly grateful.

    O Maked One, please keep us.
    Come and settle our minds with your peace.
    Thank you that you free us from all reason.

    Fauci, Collins and Peter Daszak, please encircle us.
    Come surround us with your strength and power.
    Thank you that you are with us always.


    Read more: https://www.prayerscapes.com/prayers/healing/prayer_for_good_health.html#ixzz75tua8l6c

  2. Some humility and embracing the ability to admit wrong from our elected and unelected “leaders” would go a long way to getting more of the public on board with various policies but instead we get lies, censorship, and refusal to take accountability.

    As the op-ed notes, it would be useful to know what we are working toward, what the goals are. Here again, humility would be nice. Since our leaders don’t know what their goals are, they should say that.

  3. That article by Geraghty made little sense. The vaccines do very little. Don’t stop you from getting it, don’t stop you from passing it on and have serious side effect risks.
    See here latest figures out of Israel:
    I suspect the authorities know this which is why the restrictions remain in place. The vaccines are political vaccines which the politicians hope will inoculate them against losing the next election.
    Once they’ve vaccinated just about everyone they can open up or not, their choice, not ours. One scenario is “we’ve done all we can” so we need to open up”, another is “cases are rising again we need to keep locking down, masking etc.
    This will not end well.

    1. “That article by Geraghty made little sense.”

      Geraghty’s OK with forcing kids to mask up in school if that’s what it takes.

  4. I instituted a policy today at work. One of my staff was coughing this morning, and when my immune system started ramping up I knew he was likely infectious. I verified my suspicions with a temperature check, and asked him to mask up. Then kept him busy off to the side away from customers until he finished his shift (which was his main concern and why he kept downplaying it).

    There are reasonable and sensible ways for dealing with this stuff.

  5. There are reasonable and sensible ways for dealing with this stuff.
    Not anymore.
    If your company employs >100 people, Joe’s patience has run out.
    It’ll be $14K /day, unless they are all vaxxed (show your papers please) or you do weekly COVID tests on them all. Unless you fire all your employees and hire them back as independent contractors. Then the mandate goes away, for the private sector. Also no mandate for the unemployed. Government beneficiaries or the undocumented are mandate free.

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