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  1. Ocean settlement.
    We need ocean settlements for low income housing.

    Or roughly scott adams say some place where people can live
    in a “non-competitive” world. Which I am calling low income housing
    in the ocean. Small towns, no cars, beaches, surfing, fishing, and low cost of living.
    So make “land” on the ocean near towns or cities.
    How many town could make, lots.
    The only question is, can make them cheap.
    And key to that is cheap floating breakwaters.
    And would say 1 ton or less steel {metal] per meter of length
    of breakwater counts as cheap.
    As learned it appears the only thing doesn’t corrode much in ocean
    sea water is titanium. But even use stainless steel you could probably make last long enough, to be cheap.
    And all need is some management of where one buy ocean property
    And it helps those living on the coastal beaches – breakwater AND
    a place to have good surfing. So low income has public beaches and public access to “artificially made surfing areas” plus you could avoid putting the ocean settlements where they block current beach surfing areas.
    Long Beach has some people to who the breakwater removed {crazy] so they can surf, so put ocean settlement near Long beach and give them a place to surf. And have better surfing than anywhere else.

    1. How do you deal with people who don’t maintain property very well? There are people who don’t maintain property they own well but there are far more people who don’t treat rental or “free” property well.

      I suspect that all the hotels being used to house homeless people are getting trashed.

      1. Good question.
        But it’s not question asked about Mars settlements- which could more of problem in this regard as compared to ocean settlements.

        I was thinking of home ownership, rather than rental property, but maybe rental property would be better. So, ownership by someone living there, and who wants to do the work of owning rental property {And a reasonable expectation that said owner has willingness and capability being able to manage rental property.]

        But no one can live there, without electrical power, sewage, and… a beach. And perhaps a surfing beach, also. Adding surfing beach was related to a potential complaint of wrecking existing surfing beaches.
        But now I think making the best surfing beach, could be close an essential aspect of residential ocean settlements.
        But ocean settlements near another ocean settlement with surfing beach- would be ok.

        So, in terms of a government wanting low income housing, I think one should start with waste treatment on the ocean, and then following that, the residential ocean settlement could also use it.

        But grand general plan, is for government to sell ocean real estate {much cheaper land}.
        And dependent on this is making cheap breakwaters.
        So, could one make cheaper waste treatment facility on ocean, and what would cheapest way to make floating breakwaters which work for it.
        Also I think having nuclear powerplants on oceans is desirable.
        So, waste treatment and some kind electrical powerplant {which could include wind mills- which I think are not viable- or solar panels which likewise are a waste of money}.
        Though getting power and sewage treatment from land areas is likewise, an option.

  2. European style liberty — “You are free to enjoy all of the liberties that the All-Powerful State deigns to allocate to you…”

    It is truly great to be a member of the nomenklatura

  3. It’s dead, Jim.

    Just watched “The Courier,” a 2021 movie about a British citizen recruited to participate in spying on Russia at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Could not help thinking of all who sacrificed over the decades for our freedom here. Can not help remembering that we used to fly B-52s loaded with hydrogen bombs around the Artic Circle 27/7/365. Why? Because we valued our freedom so much that we were ready to incinerate half the world to prevent tyranny from coming here. Then we just handed the keys to the tyrants. No war, no battle, no “from our cold dead hands.” Just votes for O.

    1. Tyranny arises naturally. There will always be those who abuse power and those who seek power to abuse it. There will also always be people who fall to the temptations of the Marxist line of thought.

      There will also be people who value freedom but due to the nature of people like this, they mostly want to be left alone to do their own thing and are harder to bring into activities that generate reform.

      Much of Western Civilization is based on having the intellectual capability to recognize these two conditions and how to use them to benefit society. Conservatism is an intellectual ideology that requires conscious and continued effort to encourage “freedom” and restraining power while still making sure we have a lawful society.

      Even though there are always going to be people who want to be free, things like Western Civilization and Conservatism are not things that arise naturally but rather require a good understanding of human nature, history, and sustained intellectual effort.

      The battle is in how to articulate this and pass it on to future generations all while constantly being assaulted by nature.

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