6 thoughts on “The Jews”

  1. Do they get it from both sides?

    Often there are people labeled “Far Right” when there is nothing to indicate their political ideology is right wing. The label is applied because the Democrats view anti-Semitism as right wing. This same is true for racism. This is how you get black people being called white supremacists.

    “But unlike the alt-right, whose hatred is unabashed and familiar to a people who survived Hitler, those who promote this big lie”

    Except that Hitler was a leftist.

    Bari was a Democrat and likely still holds many Marxist beliefs because she wants to be on the right side of history. She clearly still holds many bigoted stereotypes for other people that she learned while being a Democrat.

    Somehow QAnon people are anti-Semites, not because they hate Jews but because they allegedly think Democrats bath in the blood of children? Is this real? It is something I have only seen Democrats say, so that makes me think it is fake.

    I’m sure there are some anti-Semites on the right, as anyone can be a bigot, but it isn’t organized, institutional, or a belief system held on the right. Even if you take her at her word that the Tree of Life shooter was right wing, we are talking about randos acting out tragic yet small in scale acts of individual violence. Compare that with society wide acts from the left with BLM, BDS, all the other crazy Democrat groups, and the real policies they legislate.

    As far as her statements about Replacement Theory, it is happening. Democrat simultaneously celebrate it and claim it is a conspiracy theory. Why is it ok for Democrat to cheer on demographic changes that they engineered but racist for someone else to repeat what they said?

    Hopefully, Bari continues her journey of discovery instead of stopping where she is. Realizing why she left the party should cause her to deconstruct her other beliefs but it takes time to unravel a lifetime of brainwashing.

  2. Everybody’s got to blame somebody for their misfortune. If there’s a lone Jew around to blame for something, well, sorry buddy, you’ve got to take the blame. Then you can blame somebody else for that, et. cetera. That’s the way the world works.

  3. If this is true about Jews being hated by “everybody”, maybe that is some kind of insight into why Jews by reputation anyway like to amass as much wealth as possible? Maybe it is a subconscious (or conscious) desire for wealth/position as a long term generational self-defense strategy rather than a love of money for its own sake? That “undeserved” inherited family wealth that seems so “excessive” might when the excrement hits the fan be the only thing keeping your family alive if you have to flee the homeland to get away from one of many historical European countries pogram(s) against the Jews occurring at a particular place/time. Some sort of an insurance policy against the physical cost of relocating trying to establish yourself & your family at a new place/location where they maybe don’t hate Jews quite as much.

  4. Being told by your own leaders every day that everyone hates you must be disturbing. The Jewish people are most assaulted by their own elites. Making it illegal to criticize bad behaviour using censorship and hate speech laws, will never allow improvement. Although I suspect that is the whole point of the beat up. Jewishness has been appropriated as a liability shield for bad behaviour.

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