13 thoughts on “Today’s Blacklisted American”

  1. To be completely candid, as opposed to in camera, the Kerwood Derby is a play on words that would escape anyone born after the Boomers who enjoyed Rocky & Bullwinkle when it was first aired.


    I nearly wept when Jay Ward passed. My fairy tales were all fractured and had Brooklyn accents.

    1. Kirby’s name was spoofed in the animated series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, wherein a man’s hat (size 7-5/32) was called the “Kirward Derby”. It supposedly had magic powers that made its wearer the smartest person in the world. Kirby considered suing, but his business manager pointed out that it would only bring more attention to the show. Jay Ward, producer of The Bullwinkle Show, even offered to pay Kirby to sue him; however, he did not pursue any further action.

      Yes that’s the Jay Ward I remember….

  2. Well you can use your garden variety hoe to not only reliably dig up some weed, but you can also use your hoe for trenching in order to plant your radish seeds. But you don’t want to go too deep or you’ll have trouble sprouting.

  3. Since I suspect many gardening lean female, I think one of them ought to make their name the “Garden Hoes” just to dare Facebook to ban them.

  4. I have to agree with facebook and its leader on this one.

    Hoes have feelings, so calling a hoe a hoe is as bad as calling a spade a spade. The hoe might get triggered, and we can’t have that – it’d be inhuman!

    As for calling a spade a spade, that too needs to be banned, and I have no choice but to hail Facebook and its leaders for doing so. It’s not only potentially offensive to spades, but clearly, like hoes, racist. It’s unarguable that the use of “spade” as a racial epithet in the late 19th century is why the Greeks adopted it in the 4th century BC.

    Heil Zuckenberg!

  5. When you worship at the Church of the Holy Algorithm, you are likely to discover your deity is a god who bleeds. Lines of code can not understand context.

  6. I’m not on Facebook, so please, someone, pease start a Don Ho Appreciation page on Facebook and let’s see what hsappens.

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