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  1. As I recall – correct me if I am wrong – but they said the same thing about the 2020 election – Trump was ahead in the early “in person” voting. So don’t get your hopes up.

    1. Yes, this was the set up, the Red Mirage. It was a DNC PR op to set the stage for massive votes swings after the polls were closed.

      I doubt there is any significant difference between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to voting in person.

  2. I’m skeptical. Those who live far from the DC beltway are going to have to secede and join West Virginia to have any hope of representation. State w/big city effect.

  3. McAuliffe and Youngkin had a debate last night, in which Youngkin addressed concerns of parents over what their children are being taught in the “progressive” public school system. In particular, CRT and gender fluidity have emerged as areas of major concern for parents. In connection with these issues are library materials which contain pedophilia, and other horrifying subject matter that parents want removed from the libraries. McAuliffe snorted that he was opposed to parents telling the schools what to teach their children, and to them going into schools and removing books they found offensive.

    He was explicit in what he said, and actually restated it in other words to clarify that that is what he meant.

    If that doesn’t lose him the election, then Virginia is irredeemable.

    1. He can say whatever he wants. He knows the fix is in on his behalf. Why not be honest? When the vote is fixed there’s no need to even pretend you care anymore.

  4. Means nothing.

    Early voting just gives the democrats a pretty good estimate of how many votes they need to manufacture to “win” the election.

    Sometimes the estimates are accurate, sometimes not. That’s why we had the “pause” in vote counting late at night in 5 key cities in the 2020 election. They’d estimated too low and needed to come up with some more votes to get the win in those 5 states, so the “stopped” the counting, kicked out the poll watchers and started manufacturing the votes to make up the shortfall.

    Just looking at the numbers proves this out, but we even have video evidence of it happening in Atlanta when they weren’t smart enough to turn off the surveillance system and they can be clearly seen on camera pulling reserve ballots out from under a table and then running them through the counting machines multiple times…all while counting had been stopped for the night.

    At any rate, early voting numbers do nothing more than tell them the margin of cheat they need to create in order to overcome the will of the people…for their own good, of course…those unenlightened rubes that don’t live in either the DC Suburbs or Richmond don’t know what’s good for them; their votes shouldn’t count to begin with, right?

  5. I would rather the conservative voters all wait until late on election day to vote…to make it harder for the communists (and that’s what they are) to decide how many fraudulent ballots are needed.

  6. Early voting began in the state [VA] on Sept. 17 and will run through Oct. 30.

    That duration is plain crazy. And registration can happen during the vote.

    1. Might as well just institute ABV, Always Be Voting. Vote today for the election next decade. Lock your choice in before circumstances of life take it away from you.

      1. Lock your choice in before circumstances of life take it away from you.

        Like death for example. Illinois/Chicago pioneered that practice as best I understand it. Or maybe it was NYC and Tammany Hall. But in due consideration to the disenfranchised I give you the:

        Ode to The Virginia Voter
        30 days pass September,
        Democrats cannot remember,
        Where to vote or how to register.
        But rely upon the postal master,
        To deliver a decision in abstentia.

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