16 thoughts on “Safety At Blue Origin”

    1. A low-level employee with a grand title, from the HR department? What are her technical qualifications?

      And sorry, Dearie: If the pace of progress frightens you then the moral and ethical thing to do is quit. Spaceflight is an inherently dangerous activity and Safe is Not an Option (which would make a hell of a book title).

      1. Consider the order of complaints: first, no concern for “environmental justice”, and “the building isn’t LEED-certified”. Then it’s possibly-justified sexism, and only after the woke litany, maybe–maybe–there’s some safety issues. That means that fixing safety problems is the lowest priority according to this group of nutters.

  1. It would depend upon what the issues are. The article, by a Trump hating media organization, doesn’t go into specifics. Considering the source I have nothing to say. We’ll see what the FAA does. The issues may have nothing to do with the engines being made for ULA.

    1. I think there a fair chance it’s fake news or a prank of Smollett variety but maybe “worse”.
      Otherwise it’s hard imagine a communication officer so stupid- though a communication officer could be someone who handles someone’s twitter account, but still, it would be quite dumb for that job.

      1. It’s a shakedown. They know Bezos can be enticed to give hundreds of millions to left wing activists, so now he will be milked.

  2. I suspect the supposed safety issues are way overblown, but the workplace issues may not be. Either way, makes me glad I turned them down 14 years ago.

  3. I suspect this has nothing to do with Blue Origin itself and everything to do with snowflakes in their HR department.

  4. The woman who put her name to that letter (the only one to do so) appears to be a toxic SJW type. The company is far better off without her.

  5. The letter was a hilarious example of wokeness and the self-importance of the moronic college students we’re producing these days. For all we know, the thousand problem reports were on the BE-4’s production of planet-destroying CO2, which obviously didn’t get addressed, and that New Shepherd looks toxically phallic.

  6. I was highly unimpressed with the article, which lacks any specifics. So too does the actual letter. My strong hunch, due to the focus on HR issues, its it’s a bunch of wokescolds disenchanted with the real world.

    That does not mean there aren’t problems at Blue, because there certainly are. The BE-4 engine, to name just one, is years behind schedule, for reasons they haven’t been very forthcoming about. That’s hardly a confidence-builder.

    However, if I was Tory Bruno, I would not be worried about Vulcan. The fact of the matter is that the BE-4 engines are absolutely certain to be perfectly safe for that rocket until the day they are delivered. Therefor, he can count on perfect safety for years.

    1. Well one obvious problem at Blue Origin is that they’ve been hiring a bunch of woke scolds. Their lack of logic and reason can get people killed just so they can score various diversity points.

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