9 thoughts on “A Bad Day For Facebook”

  1. Thanks to an overall DNS screwing, whether triggered by FB or not, it appears lots of websites are having issues. Nuclear attack proof? Sure. Sure.

  2. I find it interesting that the whole thing goes down the day after a whistleblower goes fully public with horrible revelations about the company.

    Could be a simple coincidence, but…

  3. Hackers threaten to reactivate Facebook if their demands aren’t met.
    Pay up or we will Zuck you again?

    1. The Internet of things at its finest. As I have said before, Zuck should have stayed at Harvard long enough to learn about software engineering.

      1. Hahvahd is known for “software engineering”? That’s like the way the U of Chicago is known for the parties and social life.

    2. Alexa doesn’t work unless she is connected to the hive mind.

      There is a lesson there in the perils of central control, but I don’t expect Facebook to learn from it.

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