5 thoughts on “The New Secession Movement”

  1. The worst part is that the feds have power to stop the shenanigans under the commerce clause which was specifically intended for this. But, it’s now justification for every other federal law known to man.

  2. Perhaps 330 million is too large a group to govern. How about five or six republics, including the Texas Republic, the Conch Republic, the Northern Redoubt, plus whatever the communists want to come up with…

  3. And then the US alliance system collapses and Xi and Putin dominate the world. They then use their newfound power to gradually economically strangle the two new nations. Since the PRC would now possess the world’s strongest military, Beijing would use this power to intimidate both Red and Blue America into submission. It’s likely that Blue America would succumb very easily to CCP economic and military pressure. But even if Red America was made of sterner moral fiber, it too would have to surrender to the inevitable. It simply wouldn’t have the muscle to stand up to Emperor Xi and company. So, the two new nations would be almost stillborn in terms of actual independence vis-a-vis the outside world.

    China and Russia wouldn’t be the only problems the new, bifurcated America would face. While Red America would certainly be stronger economically than Blue America, it certainly wouldn’t have the same economic clout as the former United States. When it comes to terms of trade, the late USA’s former trading partners would certainly try to drive far harder bargains than in the past. They wouldn’t be doing this just for their own trade agendas, however, but also on orders from Beijing and Moscow to inhibit the economies of the two Americas as much as possible.

    No, what I would prefer instead is intra-state secession. Encourage the creation of new states like Jefferson and Greater Idaho, and maybe also with Upstate NY, and downstate Illinois breaking away, too. That would reduce the power of the Lefties in their urban enclaves, while at the same time preserving a reasonably unified USA that would still be able to defend itself in world affairs.

    I’d like to say one more thing before I finish. I really don’t think the Left, like the Right, has seriously thought about the consequences of secession. When finally confronted with its reality, they might be open to negotiations to save the Union. After all, they’d have to tax themselves out of existence to support the existing welfare state, much less expand it, without the revenues from a united country.

    1. Which is why I’m in the Northern Redoubt: We have the ICBMs, and one of the B52H bases, and we’ll keep them. The Texas Republic has the B1 and the other B52H bases (unless Louisiana goes with the Conch Republic – which is still a win to me).

      1. Great! In both scenarios you’d be stuck with a declining military capability. I say declining because you’d be cut off from the logistics and R&D base of the former American superpower, with no way to replace or upgrade your equipment.

        And since when have nuclear weapons been useful against economic pressure?

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