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  1. One more thing. Trump may be crude and pompous, but an ignoramus? Really? If so, why could he see and act on so many critical issues so quickly? Luck? I think not.

    1. I think you can be ignorant of many things and still make good decisions. I don’t see a correlation there. One of my favorite Trumpisms is “No one knew [insert thing that everyone knew].”

      1. This is a very silly statement. You can’t be ignorant of many things when you can see the big picture so clearly. When you can see clearly how the US has been shafted on issues like trade, immigration and defense , and then scare the crap out of friends and foes alike to get advantageous deals, that’s not ignorance. If it is, I want a lot more ignorance to be handed out to people in Congress, State, Treasury, HHS, CIA, DoJ and DoD. We need much more ignorance in the Federal government. The “swells” in DC have not been doing so well recently.

        1. You are referring to President Lincoln’s response to allegations of General Grant drinking too much, “When I find out what he drinks, I sending a barrel of it to all of my other generals.”

      2. As far as I could see the usage was sarcastic as in: Everybody knows but are too (quote) polite (un-quote) to acknowledge the elephant in the middle of the room…

        Of course YMMV…

  2. National Review jumped the shark a long time ago, and I’m very disappointed in its many contributors who, despite being excellent writers (in terms of use of language), have become third-rate thinkers.

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