2 thoughts on “Moms Like Me”

  1. “they continued their public attacks, accusing me of “harming” students because I would not agree with their policy proposals, including eliminating merit-based admissions, scrapping objective tests and dismantling gifted and talented programs. ”

    Pretty crazy how fast we went from protest is a moral obligation to we need to send everyone to gulags. Are any Democrats paying attention and are any of them upset?

    Change can’t be imposed on the Democrats from the outside. They need to decide for themselves to change. Right now, it looks like they want to go full Pol Pot but know they can’t get away with it just yet.

    Anecdotal evidence from the internet or even meatspace encounters isn’t a good indicator of what is going on. We have to rely on the actions of the group. When the actions change, we can determine if the group has changed.

    At best, we can use offensive and defensive tactics to mitigate what is going on but a lot of these can be shutdown through abuses of power. The battle wont be won until Democrats give up on Progressive Marxism and that is a decision they have to make on their own.

    I think this will take decades but Democrats are rather adept at making changes overnight. What conditions would it take and would it be a top down or bottom up thing? Everything is top down with them, the useful idiots just don’t know it.

    The only certain thing is that when Democrats do change, they will blame Republicans for everything Democrats did.

  2. Just think…if not for Mitch McConnell (aka Turtle Boy), Attorney General Merrick Garland would have been Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland, for life.

    What a revoltin’ development that would have been!

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