4 thoughts on “No More Needles?”

  1. It’d be nice if they stopped researching palliative measures and started working on actually curing diabetes.

    But of course there’s no money in that.

    1. It’s not that there’s *no* money. It’s that there’s not enough to balance the $1.3 Billion needed to pay the testing labs and the FDA for all 3 phases of human testing, for the 3 cures cannot be patented, because a patent has run out, or they are already produced by non-diabetics in their own bodies. Get the FDA to drop the cost, and the 3 probable cures for Type 1 Diabetes can come to market. The 95% of diabetics with Type2 diabetes have the longer wait, because that is a more systemic disease than Type 1.

  2. Something like this is already on the market and it works great. https://www.freestyle.abbott/us-en/home.html

    Too bad my insurance won’t cover it and I have to pay for it out of pocket. But I’ve been managing by Type II better than I had been and I’ve been showing signs of improving my A1C.

    (I spend about $250/quarter)

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