14 thoughts on ““If SpaceX Were An Oil-Exploration Company”

  1. With only a few exceptions, the pro and con comments made Monday evening were thoughtful and congenial.

    If true, that fact alone is newsworthy. But the need to say so makes me remember recent journalism about “mostly peaceful” race riots.

    Ah well. Musk has dealt with bigger problems than this. I’m still awaiting my Starlink dish with eager anticpation.

    1. The Environmental Impact Assessment process continues until the local Green groups are given payoffs to shut up. Officially, they say they’ll use the money to “monitor the local environment” but they’re really just taking a payoff like the old Mafia protection rackets. If there was any integrity in government, those groups would be the subject of a RICO investigation.

      1. You are so right on this point. Even the FAA people who do the environmental assessments and impact statements acknowledge that, as I know from 10 years at AST.

    2. The question is *not* whether SpaceX can handle it, as far as technical details.

      The question is “How long can we drag the process out?”

      Delay means dollars, and a group without a Cost+ contract is always “on the clock” for their investors’ money running out.

      This is a game of delaying long enough until someone else can bring up an objection in court that will cause another 3 years delay. It is gaming the political/judicial system.

      I don’t think the SpaceX opponents can make it stick, but it is in their conditioning as political vassals to try.

  2. “Bekah Hinojosa, a local resident, said the FAA violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act by not providing Spanish language materials in advance of the hearing.”

    Aren’t naturalized American citizens required to understand English?

    1. I think the citizenship test is still in English, but the US southwest is full of natural born US citizens whose first language is Spanish, mostly descended from the population included in the Mexican Cession, Texas Annexation, and Gadsen Purchase of the 19th century. There’s a similar situation with Cantonese speakers descended from laborers imported for the railroads.

      1. And to native born Americans who failed to learn English and therefore can’t read a report on SpaceX written in English I say “tough”.

  3. What were the Democrat groups that acted in opposition? Follow the money.

    You can see the evidence of Democrat organizing by the word choice of the commenters. Are they running ops in town?

    Also, these groups are Progressive Marxist and they have a global network. Are foreign powers working with these Democrat groups waging clandestine warfare?

    We can’t overlook Bezos either. He is tight with these Progressive Marxist militant groups.

    And of course, can’t forget about the grifting shakedown tactic these Democrat groups use to weasel their way into organizations.

  4. They’ve spent the last fourteen years working to destroy the oil industry, with a great deal of success. Elon Musk is one of the green tax farmers who profited from this process along the way. Other car companies literally had to buy the right to be able to sell ICE vehicles in California from Tesla.

    I understand he’s now operating as much as possible from Texas because he doesn’t want to live under all the bull puckey he used to make his fortune.

    Unfortunately the bull puckey is becoming omnipresent within the borders of the United States, and more powerful than ever.

    Well, I hate to be cynical, but…

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