4 thoughts on “The New “Four-Star Admiral””

  1. Let’s hope they don’t remember Pershing was a “six-star general.” Of course if they do appoint a seven-star general, then each star can be a different color and we’ll have a real Vibgyor Warrior. (This is a reference to a comic book I remember reading as a kid.)

  2. It is a threat to our system because this isn’t a person who was promoted on merit and just happened to be transgender. It is an incompetent person who doomed seniors in nursing homes to die while removing his mother to safety and was promoted again and again due to political narrative desires that have nothing to do with ability or excellence.

    It was once said, the strength of our military was the leadership and ability to train leaders. That is gone now and we can look to Afghanistan, from either side of the conflict, and see the outcome of the inability to produce effective leaders.

  3. The Public Health Service isn’t the military. It’s just a bunch of government medical workers playing dress up.

    Calling him “rear” Admiral would be accurate.

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