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  1. They can’t pretend that they never worried he might start a nuclear war over a Twitter jibe.

    I can say I never had such a worry, and it wouldn’t be pretending. And I say that as somebody who didn’t vote for him in 2016.

    (Damnedest thing, he won when I didn’t vote for him, and lost when I did. If I were paranoid I’d think the universe was trying to tell me something.)

      1. People who were genuinely worried that a mean tweet could start a war are people with unusually poor impulse control in their own private lives.

        Which IMO perfectly explains the Lincoln Project. They’re the sort of people who thought a Reagan joke on a hot mic could start WW3.

        1. TBF, most of those people were turn coat Americans and were in fact Soviet allies that advocated for anything that benefited the USSR and hurt the USA, much like environmentalists and other Progressive Marxists today.

  2. To succeed in 2024, the GOP need not stand for anything more than opposition to the breathtaking turn to the far left that the Democratic Party has chosen.

    I would like to think so, but as Roger Scruton so aptly observed:

    the work of destruction is quick, easy and exhilarating; the work of creation slow, laborious and dull. That is one of the lessons of the twentieth century. It is also one reason why conservatives suffer such a disadvantage when it comes to public opinion. Their position is true but boring, that of their opponents exciting but false.

    1. It is also difficult for insiders to articulate what has been internalized.

      Deconstruction is used to tear down our systems but applying that same process can lead people to discover and articulate what makes our country great. Perhaps a bit like that podcast series Rand linked the other day.

      1. It is also difficult for insiders to articulate what has been internalized.

        It is why having a serious discussion is so hard. You have to spend the first few minutes or so making sure that you are using the same terms and language. Often times you discover, if you are both being serious, that you are using different jargon and are just not communicating…

        It is so much more satisfying, in a juvenile sort of way, to just exchange witty barbs on Twitter. Running through a bullet point list of “Gotcha! put downs” instead of actually arguing the facts.

  3. ” The reason the Left kept describing Trump as a “Nazi” and “racist” is that they reach for the worst words they can think of whenever they encounter someone they see as being extremely, unusually awful. ”

    They treat everyone this way. Trump has nothing to do with it. Whoever the GOP candidate is in 2024 will get treated the same way. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the Democrats saying these things because the actions of others are not what motivates the Democrats using those insults. Anyone who thinks things will be different now that Trump is gone is going to be red pilled by reality.

    Just look at how they treat Deathsantis and Rand Paul.

    When minorities in the Democrat party realize the Progressive Marxists are creating racist acrimony where none existed and then reject it, the Democrats will change. But because the goal of the Democrats is to create racial scapegoats and pit one ethnicity against another, nothing an outsider will do can change that. They choose to act this way.

    1. Every Republican President is a Nazi. Every former Republican President (except Trump so far) is an esteemed statesman and voice of moderation.

  4. When minorities in the Democrat party realize the Progressive Marxists are creating racist acrimony where none existed and then reject it, the Democrats will change.

    In other words, when the eggs realize they are being made into omelets.

    That may be starting to happen with so-called Hispanics in the border states. I believe that is because, in part, they’ve figured out who it is that will get pushed aside first by the recently imported Guatamalan peasants who rich White urban liberals expect will work on their latifundias. Peasants with whom people whose ancestors were born in the Texas Republic have nothing in common, other than skin color.

    1. A bit more than starting I’d say. Incoming Gov. Youngkin of VA got 55% of the Hispanic vote. That’s a higher percentage than he got of the total vote.

  5. As much as I like Kyle Smith (and John Mulaney, for that matter)…

    “Retaining Trump in a position of power, however, would nullify everything the Republicans are trying to accomplish.”

    What are the Republicans “trying to accomplish?” The only effort I can see is for them not being disliked by Democrats.

    Not a very effective political strategy, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. They are trying to be “Graceful Losers” (like the pre Newt Gingrich House Republicans)? Trying to be “genteel Country Club Republicans” as well?

  6. As usual the media is spinning away. Gerry Seib this morning:
    Instead, the fear and anger that often drive voters…

    Biden “wins” an “election”: The electorate has spoken: We want a return to normalcy.

    The left looses: It’s fear and anger.

    You know what Gerry? Just FOAD.

    And New Jersey is really the bigger thing here.
    VA: Biden +10%, Younkin +2%
    NJ: Biden +16%, Murphy +.2%
    A lot more dem money will need to be funneled there next year, money that won’t be available to go elsewhere.

    1. Some shady stuff went on in NJ. The Democrats have hundreds of billions to spend on shady stuff. To quote Biden, “We assembled the most sophisticated voting fraud system in history.” and that isn’t cheap but its in the budget already.

  7. The NR analogy is kind of stupid, but if you follow it along, it should be clear that sometimes you NEED a horse in the hospital. Especially if it is filled with corruption and dangerous practices. The attention that the horse brings allows us to at least partially clean up the mess. Unfortunately, the clean up has only just begun. Hopefully, we might get another chance soon.

    1. NR shot themselves in the foot siding with the Progressive Marxists and they tried to pivot by not going full Goldberg but they can’t help themselves sometimes. There is no post-Trump return to normalcy for them either. We won’t forget.

  8. I recall having debates on this blog with proud Democrats and Progressives. It wasn’t long ago they would make claims that the right, and specifically those that disagreed with them here, were totally against government. One of these leftist supporters would often suggest that we ought to refuse to accept fire department services if we were so against government. We often explained to him the difference between federal and civic government as well the difference between smaller government and a government that managed only civic duties, such as policing and fire protection.

    Now, after Trump, these Democrats and Progressives are gone from the comments section. I hope it is because of shame in the party they believed in. The Democrat Party has called for the national abolition of police departments. They are supporting the prosecution of a 17 year old that literally had his life threatened for extinguishing a fire during a riot by arsonists. And then something I thought I’d never hear a politician say, but McAuliffe did, “Parents shouldn’t have a say in their child’s education”.

    The progressive rhetoric in Virginia was the bridge too far. Let’s go Brandon!

    1. They still don’t know what their own party is doing. Bob-1 hadn’t heard of the daily race riots that went on for a year or any of the dozens killed. I doubt any of the rest of them are any better informed because they consume media that doesn’t inform them on important things their party is doing.

      If Democrats knew how many people they murdered and what they were doing to kids in schools, Democrats would either revolt or leave the party and that is why their media works so hard to deceive them.

      1. As a former Dem who voted for Carter (sorry, only did it once), I saw where the party was going a long time ago and haven’t voted Dem since. Doesn’t make a difference here in Silicon Valley. I’m outvoted by idiots.

  9. New Yorkers reject expanded voting access in stunning result

    “Amid an array of discouraging election results for Democrats last week, there was one under-the-radar outcome that was especially perplexing. In New York, one of the country’s most progressive states, voters overwhelmingly rejected initiatives that would have expanded voting access in future elections. The vote, which came in a year when Republican-led states have passed dozens of laws to restrict voting access, left voting rights advocates stunned.”


    From NY no less…maybe there is a ray of hope after all of sanity reigning (eventually).

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