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    1. I suspect he’ll be acquitted of the murder and assault charges but get nailed on reckless behavior and illegal possession charges.

    2. BTW it’s IMHO that pistol packing paramedic needs to be brought up on charges of illegal concealed carry. Since at the time he pulled his gun his concealed carry permit had expired.

      1. Yes, and that is an interesting one because he likely has a decent case for self defense. If he doesn’t face weapons charges, says a lot about the political abuse of police powers. I don’t think the CHOP warlord Raz ever faced weapons charges for handing out AR 15s to random people in the street out of the trunk of his car either.

        The AFT didn’t show up at his house and shoot his dog and family members as is their custom in dealing with other people.

  1. I stand corrected. According to Tucker Carlson last night Mr. Paramedic didn’t let his concealed carry permit expire. Rather it was revoked after a burglary conviction. My bad.

    1. After reviewing reports of testimony in court, Mr. Paramedic’s concealed carry permit was expired not revoked. He claims that eve in Kenosha he was unaware that it had expired. Not that that matters. Just trying to keep the facts straight. Mr. Paramedic HAD a prior felony on his record, not sure if it was due to the burglary or not, but that also definitely happened according to police reports. Mr. Paramedic had medical training and had experience working as an EMT and a paramedic for a private ambulance company in Milwaukee according to NPR.



  2. At the risk of reviving an old thread. Today the judge in the case threw out the illegal possession charge based on the fact that the Wisconsin law that Rittenhouse was alleged to have violated applied only to “short” rifles and shotguns, not “long” weapons. When the prosecution in the case admitted to the court that his AR-15 was a “long” weapon, the judge tossed the charge. That leaves only non-specific (not tied any murder) reckless behavior. Which means really only that openly carrying a firearm in that situation was considered reckless. This is also a misdemeanor. Given the situation of that night it would seem a stretch to me that a jury would convict on that count, but even if it did, the ramifications for Rittenhouse are a conviction of a misdemeanor punishable with up to 1 year in jail.

    Now here’s the kicker. Rittenhouse could likely face prosecution in Illinois as well. The firearm regulations in Illinois are so byzantine that any conviction in Wisconsin might be considered grounds to, at a minimum, revoke his Illinois issued FOID which is required to lawfully own a firearm in that state. Losing his FOID means he has to surrender (sell) his AR-15 any any other gun in his possession. Even if he isn’t convicted there is the fact that “his” AR-15 was brought back to Antioch IL after the shootings in Kenosha. There is likely a technicality in Illinois law that he could be found guilty of. You know a blue state DA or AG isn’t going to just let this go away….

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