2 thoughts on “Begun, The Woke Wars Have”

  1. Everyone keeps telling the Democrats to act more moderate but really to only to put up a mask that hides what they are doing. It does no good if they campaign as a moderate and then rule a rainbow clad Stalin. Changing how they portray themselves isn’t the solution. That have to actually change their beliefs and actions.

    It is good we see their true intentions.

    1. The thing is, they can’t even be bothered to wear the mask. As you suggest, this is a good thing. If the party refuses to listen to serpent head (who took an unknown governor from a back water state to the White House) than who are we to argue with the political genius of Occasional Cortex. Obviously, catering to the (excuse the expression, as I am an old guy) woke agenda is a brilliant political strategy, just ask governor elect McAuliffe.

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