2 thoughts on “The Left’s Bungled Revolution”

  1. “The supply chain debacle has been portrayed by media as one of those inexplicable black swans that come out of nowhere and are beyond human comprehension. This is nonsense. The sole cause of this “crisis” is a demented diktat from Gavin Newsom forbidding trucks more than three years old from loading at California ports. The logic behind this is unknown, but presumably has something to do with Gaia being angry. The end result is what we see: ships backed up off LA, containers piling up in the ports (or even dumped in hapless LA neighborhoods), and shortages as far as the eye can see.”

    And as your posted link says not covered that way by the media; it is a “black swan”. The media will make sure that the Biden administration avoids any significant blame for this just like for the upward spike in inflation. From continuation of more insane deficit spending to the secondary inflation cause of the Biden administration’s slow down in approving new fracking wells to the cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline. Today heard Psaki claims that the Prez has little to do with gas/oil prices.

    “There are limitations to what any president can do, as it relates to gas prices,” press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Friday.”


  2. I’m an expert. No, I am not. You’re an expert. No, you aren’t. We’re all experts. No, we aren’t.

    Experts aren’t an actual thing.

    That’s why we are where we are.

    We all suck at this.

    We’ve bought this.

    Good thing one of us sees better than the rest of you.

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