2 thoughts on ““Liberal” Hypocrisy”

  1. “It’s that progressives mostly don’t even bother to try those core policies at the state level. ”


    Democrats do implement their policies at all levels of government and civil service. The hypocrisy isn’t that they don’t do what they say but that they are not concerned about the outcomes of their policies.

    Rational people would look at the outcomes and then rethink the problem to either make changes to keep a good thing going or to stop bad things from happening. But this is now considered White Supremacy.

    Two groups need to do this rational assessment, the politicians and the voters. Voters can only choose to vote for someone else. Success is determined by electing candidates. Politicians are the ones that enact the policies. Success is determined by getting elected but also by the professional goals of the politicians. The job of a politician involves both power and money and the professional goals of politicians are dominated by these core attributes.

    Bad outcomes happen not just because the wrong politicians keep getting elected but because politicians benefit professionally from the outcomes of bad policy, so we need to reframe what good outcomes are. We can’t just look at whether or not a problem is solved or mitigated but whether or not the political class achieves their professional goals. Democrats have very successful policies. Their political class is rolling in money and power at unprecedented levels regardless what level of government they operate at.

    Solving problems reduce their money and power. Bad policy outcomes are perverse incentives.

  2. Socialism in the strict Socialist/Totalitarian sense and classical liberalism don’t really work together.

    Never have, never will.

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