10 thoughts on “The War On Tesla”

  1. He has been going off on unions and their politicians on Twitter for some time now.

    Does it matter that the subsidies can’t be used because the Chevy Bolt isn’t in production?

  2. Ah, so, the tax subsidy program for electric cars scales the size of the subsidy based on whether or not the plant is unionized. Said another way, this handout of taxpayer money to the purchasers of expensive toys is scaled based on the metric of the company’s compliance with the current regime’s political preferences – its Gleichschaltung.
    Were this not so, the subsidy would be related to performance and environmental issues – not political ones.

    Interesting, isn’t it, that the side so prone to calling their opponents Nazis are the ones doing all sorts of Nazi things?

    1. That’s always been the case, Nazism/Fascism has always been an ideology of the left despite what any leftist professor may say to the contrary.

      1. Agreed, though an oft-overlooked fact is that there was one group of people who regularly called Nazis Marxists.

        Those aforementioned people were the Nazis themselves. As for the original Fascists, Mussolini was, after all, one of the leaders of the socialist movement in Italy (and was for years editor in chief of their newspaper) prior to founding his own socialist faction.

        As for the Nazis being Marxist (and of course socialist), one top Nazi of note oft praised Carl Marx, and also said that without the racial “insights”, National Socialism was just Marxism. The guy who said those things was of course Adolf Hitler, the same Adolf Hitler who co-write the National Socialist manifestos, which are par for the course for contemporaneous socialist manifestos in Europe. Indeed, that’s why it was Hitler who created the world’s first national health system, along with many other aspects of the welfare state.

    2. Unions give big contributions to Democrats. This is just another form of money laundering to get taxpayer money into Democrat coffers. The Democrat Party is an organized crime ring that uses politics as a means to their ends. They make all the other organized rings in the world put together look like pikers.

  3. Last fall, when Biden visited a UAW job training center, he bragged about this provision, saying “I want those jobs here in Michigan”—rather than in states like Tennessee or Kentucky, where fewer autoworkers are UAW members.

    Let us ponder another aspect of this: Michigan is a blue state. Kentucky and Tennessee certainly are not.

  4. I worked my entire Salaried career for “Legacy” unionized U.S. Automakers ( In Canada ) and I am grateful and continue to root for their continued success. Even so, I am completely against this move as unfair and potentially very destructive to the North American Automotive market. It is unbelievably biased against Tesla which has continued to lead in the market and shows just how technical excellence is not understood, celebrated or supported by this administration.

  5. Aren’t Tesla and … aren’t Toyota. (Possibly not Honda or Nissan, but IDK about their unionization status.)

    It’s not about Tesla at all, just a gimme for union votes.

  6. The legacy auto and political world attempting to pretend Tesla doesn’t exist is directly analogous to the legacy aerospace and political world attempting to pretend SpaceX doesn’t exist. Both pretenses have long since passed the point of being obviously pathetic.

    The legacy “U.S.” car companies are Potemkin Villages that assemble a diminishing number of cars each year in a diminishing number of plants with diminishing workforces from parts almost entirely sourced from outside the U.S.

    Tesla will continue to rumble relentlessly forward, expanding its product offerings into all significant remaining niches, such as light trucks, where legacy makers still enjoy Tesla-free range. In doing so, Telsa will mercilessly crush what little remains of the U.S. legacy auto industry and, with it, the UAW. That end looks likely to come at some point within the current decade as GM and Ford, probably in that order, go broke and are either liquidated or sold to new foreign owners as has long since been the case with what is now Stellantis. Political games played with EV subsidies will have no effect on this inevitable outcome.

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