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  1. OMG! They were crawling like spiders!

    Why are 95% of female right-wing journalists vapid conformists? Even when they are broadly* correct they are annoying.

    *No pun intended.

  2. What does James Lindsey call it, the Iron Law of Progressive Projection? Democrats called it, “The Big Lie”. That is exactly what they were doing. There wasn’t an insurrection. There wasn’t one planned, at least by any Republicans. The FEDs were inside all of the groups that went to protest, so they know there was no insurrection planned.

    “No #StoptheSteal rally up until January 6th had been violent. (Unlike Antifa who always is.)”

    This is important because there was no violence at any Republican event, or any other group’s events, except for when Democrats organized mob violence to stop people from exercising their rights. Not only did Democrats organize the use of violence in their own protests, they used organized violence to shut down other’s events. It didn’t matter if it was a speech on a college campus or twenty people standing on a street corner holding signs. Democrats organized overwhelming violence to shut down events and they were able to do this because they control the law enforcement apparatus in many locations.

    The Time article bragging about how the Democrats rigged the election explicitly said that Democrats knew in advance there would be violence on J6 and that the party ordered their militant activists not to attend. This calls into question who really was responsible for what took place on J6.

    The federal government has shown repeatedly that they will break laws in the service of the Democrat party.

    1. “1.No #StoptheSteal rally up until January 6th had been violent. (Unlike Antifa who always is.)”

      Gawd what a crap article this is can’t even get the facts correct on point 1 in there logical assessment doesn’t bode well for 2 through 4. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/12/us/4-stabbed-and-one-shot-as-trump-supporters-and-opponents-clash.html

      Here a few logical assements
      1. IT amazing that the Siege on the Capitol seem to end short order after Trump told his brown shirts to go home.
      2. And amazing the RNC operatives with Chyrons and Fredo of the TCF knew who needed to respond but afterwards was point to any one but him.
      3. The RNC Operatives with Chyrons love to read Hacked/stolen/possibly fabricated emails from their opponents, or children of their opponents and even reading from the stolen diary of a child of opponents but if it text messages advocating course of action to a public servants phone that was handed over as evidence they scream muh privacy

      Give me a Fing break.

  3. “Mark Levin calls for ethics complaint against Adam Schiff over altered text message.”

    Mark Levin is calling for an ethics complaint against Rep. Adam Schiff over a Jan. 6 committee graphic showing an altered text message between former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordan with a legal theory about overturning the 2020 election results.

    The conservative commentator appeared on Fox News on Wednesday and called for someone, suggesting Republican members of Congress, to file a “serious ethics complaint” in California in a bid to take away his law license.

    The Jan. 6 panel apologized Wednesday for the “error,” which was truncating the message with a period, and Schiff presenting it to the public without full context.

    Jordan’s office confirmed the congressman from Ohio did send the message to Meadows but stressed that it was a snippet of a message he “forwarded” from an attorney who was expressing a legal theory about overturning the results of the 2020 election.”


    MSNBC serial appearance Adam Schiff saying “Trump-is-a-Russian-agent-I-have-all-the-proof-right-here” lie?! Say it ain’t so; hope he is expelled from Congress if the Republican retake the House next year.

  4. What I find truly hilarious is what republicans say in private about trump and what they say in public. They call him every name in the book and then turn to the camera and say the exact opposite.

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