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  1. He is

    And his cheeky iconoclasm anent the left political elite is exactly the lowest-cost way to oppose them. They can stand anything but ridicule that sticks.

  2. Musk should arrange to pay his $5.6 billion dollar tax bill with a personal check, signed on the steps of the IRS in DC with the media present. And a chair available for Senator Karen.

    1. Check? Heck no, I’m estimating about three, 53 foot semi-tractor trailer loads of $100 bills on pallets stacked two high, except for the third, which is only one stack. If you can’t stack ’em due to weight restrictions then maybe five 45 footers stacked one-deep.

      Give Senator Karen the full BReaking BAd-ass….

      1. Even better. Drop those pallets off a Starship onto the tarmac at Dulles. If it was good enough for Iran it is good enough for Senator Karen.

  3. “He touts the cryptocurrency Dogecoin as a partial escape from government-produced fiat currency.”

    The best thing about this is explaining to people what crypto is and how they rely on social compact and have no intrinsic value and after they say that the concept is ridiculous, point out it is the exact same as the dollar.

    1. Well, fiat currency backed with the full faith and credit of the US Government, or fiat currency backed by …. what, exactly?

  4. Governments back their currencies by the ability to point a gun at you and collect. Crypto, not so much.

    1. But the government having guns doesn’t offer any protection against shit monetary policy.

      The hidden issue with crypto is that while people think of them as a hedge or alternative to the dollar, their value is often closely correlated with the dollar. How will crypto perform in an inflationary collapse? It could increase in price, as everything is inflated, or it could mirror the stock market, poof!

      I’m sure crypto nerds would crow about an increase in price but its like saying people are spending more money so inflation isn’t real…

    2. Bug, or feature?

      Render unto Caesar and all, but even lethal force has its efficacy limits. Especially if the alternative can be carried across a border in your head.

  5. I gotta say, calling her “Senator Karen” was downright inspired! It’s such a perfect fit.

    That’s going to stick.

    1. Joy Reid? Someone has their hand up her back, making her mouth move: She lacks the neurons to do it on her own

    2. I was shocked that anyone would inject “cultural appropriation” into a conversation while trying to defend Senator Karen – otherwise known as Fauxahontas.

      1. I’m not sure that the insult was created by black people but even if it was, there was like a millisecond before everyone was using it. What Joy is saying is, this is our racial slur for white women and you aren’t allowed to use our slur and also, you are racist.

  6. “Elon Musk could owe $12 billion this year in one of the biggest tax bills ever, just as he told Elizabeth Warren.”

    “Elon Musk might pay the largest tax bill in US history in 2021, at around $12 billion. Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused him of not paying taxes. In the past, he’s used legal means to pay very little.
    This year, however, he’s paying taxes on the stocks he’s selling. With options expiring, that bill was unavoidable.”


  7. Much as I enjoy the back-and-forth between Musk against Senator (Karen) Warren and especially Joy Reid there is one caveat. I am reminded of a saying:

    “Never argue with idiots; they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.

    1. Musk is powerful and he could turn his spending toward lobbying but it really isn’t the best idea to pick fights with people who will send the FBI, IRS, and NSA after you out of spite.

  8. If we had serious contest of billionaires paying the most in taxes, we will become poorer.
    What won’t make us poorer, is politicians in contest to pay the most taxes.

  9. –Building up Starship/Super Heavy in Florida
    The project for LC-49 comes in addition to the previously announced work that SpaceX began within the perimeter of Launch Complex 39A, the K Environmental Program Office said. In September 2019, an environmental assessment was completed and a finding of “no significant impact” was issued.

    The 2019 assessment states that SpaceX has ambitious launch plans for the Cape, with an aim to “increase launch frequency to 20 launches per year from LC-39A and up to 50 launches per year from LC-40 by the year 2024.” —

    So the get these environmental assessments. with up to 10, or up to 20, or up to 50 launches.
    Where could one get up to 100 launches per year?
    It seems to me best place is the ocean.
    But wondering if can make the ocean better.
    Wacko worried about rocket noise effecting whales or something.
    But then realize I already solved that problem without being worried about whales. My pipelauncher.
    A pipelauncher can launch rocket 100 meters above the ocean- therefore probably can less noise for whales.
    But wasn’t really thinking about it as a reason to use pipelauncher.
    Now 100 meters or more is a restraint or makes harder to be required to launch that high above the water, but it’s possible.

  10. Having worked with Elon in various ways since 2005, I am an unabashed fan. He is probably the best “person” of the year Time magazine (does it still exist?) has named in its entire history.

    1. The funny thing is they probably meant it as an insult this time while other times they were cheering on some anti-American pos.

    2. Call me the contrarian on Rand’s fine Web site, but to put it charitably, I have mixed feelings about Mr. Musks’ greatness. That he has “called out” the junior Senator from Massachusetts is a rather low bar for recognition.

      What say you if I claim that Climate Change is indeed a concern but in the current political climate, it is way over-hyped, and that this over-hyping will lead to massively bad spending decisions with both overall as well as environmental consequences? If I claim that the electric car has made tremendous progress, but it too is overhyped, and governmental meddling in the market for electric cars will have the same consequences?

      And if I claim that Tesla Motors has done amazing things, but its stock is way overvalued right now, but maybe its value reflects that politically, we are about to run off a cliff making enormous, bad spending decisions, either directly by the Federal government or indirectly through mandates?

      1. The value of anything is what someone else is willing to pay for it. From that perspective, Tesla isn’t overvalued. However, stocks, like a lot of other things such as real estate, fall into the “bigger fool than you” category. You buy stock hoping that one day an even bigger fool will pay you even more money to buy your shares. Stocks are speculative investments where emotion can disrupt reason when it comes to their value.

        1. A diverse portfolio of stock is a good investment. And if Tesla is not part of the mix, then probably not a good diverse portfolio.

          1. Except when all stocks go down at the same time the amount of diversity of stocks does nothing make the investment good.

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