14 thoughts on “So Many Good Tweets Here”

  1. If it were a wife taking a picture of her husband doing the same after a 12 hour shift at the factory no one would care. But gender doesn’t exist….

  2. To me it was instantly obvious that the guy was trolling for responses that would showcase the blatant hypocrisy of saying the men and women are the same, then screaming at men when they don’t automatically step up and do all of the traditionally male jobs. There’s no way I would let my wife do the shoveling if I was there to do it, but hey, what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    1. Maybe I am old school and Old World about gender roles and outdoor chores?

      When I moved into my current house, my parents were able bodied enough to help out a lot, with Dad doing an enormous amount of the plantings to reduce the amount of grass I had to cut on a steep hill. I still helped out with pulling grass to get those plantings established, and the neighbors’ (at the time single) daughter visiting from Washington, DC came over and insisted on helping me.

      After telling her, “Oh, no, I’ve got this!” I was taken aside and scolded by Mom, “Paul, she’s flirting with you — why do you chase her away like that!” Mom and I had that kind of Old-World mother-son relationship of the son who needed to be told what to do in all matters. I pushed back against Mom’s coaching saying, “It is a dishonor for a man to put a woman to work on landscaping (Mom thinking, like your father ever had that sense about things), and this young lady will just have to get used to my values.”

      Always pragmatic about any potential long-term relationship Mom was considering for me, I added, “Besides, do I want the neighbors across the street as mother-in-law and father-in-law?” This is long before Ray Romano pointed out the pitfalls of such a thing.

      Decades later, I met Katie once again when attending the memorial service for her mother. I had gotten to know her parents as upstanding people over the years, and Katie was as sweet a woman now as in my encounter back then, but from her telling of her family stories and the manner in which described her role in them, I think my intuition of my younger self was spot on — the lady would have driven me crazy.

      Her mom, by the way, could really shovel snow. During a particular heavy snow fall, I would be leaning on my shovel trying to recover some energy after “hitting the wall” and Mary would be flinging the stuff like the Energizer Bunny. As far as judging her husband, Jim had been in ill health for years prior to his passing, or at least based on overhearing what he was saying to a friend in the blood-draw waiting room at the clinic we both went to.

      He did some of the shoveling, and in his later years I would cross the street to pitch a couple shovels of snow. According to the Good Book, this doesn’t count as an act of charity because I am telling you about it, but my self-interest is that if you have good neighbors, you don’t want to see them leave and who knows moves in.

  3. A little mindless exertion may be just the ticket for 12 hours of trying, not always successfully, to save lives.

  4. If idiots would quit trying to stop climate change then tired nurses wouldn’t have to shovel snow like that.

    1. When it comes to stopping global warming it’s important that our licensed first responders to climate change keep up their skillset!

  5. This was all so stupid. It was very revealing but quite dumb. And it has all these meme layers to the tweet so that people can be dumb in a 3d chess sort of way.

    Here is a life lesson for y’all, and it is important for some of you considering your age. We all want to help and make things easier for those we love in life, and we should, but we also have to consider that helping isn’t always the best thing. People need to do things and be up and active. Taking away activities because of sympathy can be a bad thing.

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