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  1. I especially liked that one of the commenters called himself after Caligula’s horse. Anyway, the girl is cute and the guy looks like he grew up on a diet of library paste. Of course, girls can be cute and still have an IQ in the negative numbers. (As witness the number of FFWs who think they’re female Kzinti.)

      1. “Hannah has personally gotten legislation across the line in multiple states ending the death penalty” All by herself?

      2. It was a wry reflection on judging people by their appearance, not an attack on the individual. On the other hand, what does “intelligent” really mean in this context? Articlulate? Knows calculus? Non-progressive views? None of those things are really signifiers of intelligence or lack of it, any more than “cute” or “looks like a paste eater,” which was my underlying point. When I was young, I wasted considerable thought trying to figure out if there was an external signifier that a woman might have an admirable volvovaginal apparatus, much more important than mere intelligence, I thought. For a while, I thought it was “overbite,” but discovered not.

    1. Palumbo has a good screen presence, and is quite articulate, which may account for what popularity he has achieved. On the other hand, at least 50% of the populations is known to love Cox….

  2. Enh, tried watching her a few times and it wasn’t enjoyable. I forget what exactly put me off, perhaps being lolbertarian.

    The one thing the right doesn’t lack is opinion. It has the lowest barrier to entry and the highest competition. What the right needs is news.

    It is great to have a new right leaning site and if/when it fails, I hope the people involved all move on to better things.

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