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  1. Blacklisted. By the Cavers.

    Well, I’ve done some dumbass things in my life – jumped from perfectly adequate aircraft and ejected from one that wasn’t. Climbed several of the tallest mountains in the world. Ran an ultramarathon. Sailed solo around the world.

    Go down into a hole in the ground? Not if I’m alive, I’m not. There are not enough drugs to sedate me.

    1. …and then there are those who scuba dive into submerged caves…. For fun…. No way up. No light. Just across or down and hope your air supply holds until you discover up again. Oh and don’t leave your line.

      Like I once told a co-worker who did that for “recreation”. I said: like test piloting, you are working extremely hard to put yourself into an incredibly dangerous situation.

      1. Just stay on the main line, don’t go freelancin’.

        I only dive systems that can pass two divers side by side.

        1. If you cannot leave the line, what is the fun of it? For me the great thing about Scuba is the freedom to move in three dimensions.

      2. I SCUBA but not caves. A friend does caves for fun. He also has an expedition planned to SCUBA under the NorthWest Passage with tanks pre=positioned and scooters to drag everyone.

        Yeah, nope…

  2. I happen to be massively pro-vaccine, (I’m vaccinated) and also a staunch defender of the inalienable right not to be vaccinated.

    It’s about freedom, which used to matter in this country. Freedom is the right to make choices – even ones I disagree with. So, of course I support the right to refuse to be vaccinated (or any other medical treatment).

    I’m especially offended that an Arizona group would be so absurd as the Arizona cavers; most of this state is not prone to the current nuttiness. Apparently, the cavers are an exception, and a very hypocritical one at that. (I support their right to go caving, even though you couldn’t pay me enough to go along with them – I’m claustrophobic).

    I also support the right of a private group to associate (or not) with whomever they wish, be it based on vaccination status, race, or whatever. I disagree with doing so, but it’s their right.

    As for the canceling of people who are perceived to be in disagreement with whatever the politically-correct hysteria of the moment is, that’s far from new. In the original German, it’s called Gleichschaltung.
    So, yet again, we have the people who like to call everyone Nazis being actual Nazis. This is especially evident if one looks at the coercive means by which the Nazis enforced Gleichschaltung; depriving the “accused” of income for the “crime” on not parroting the Nazi party line as first on their list. Blacklisting was part of this.

    What happened to Bob Zimmerman and his friend is inexcusable.

  3. Bob can be annoyingly inconsistent. He has on numerous occasions proudly proclaimed that he will not do business with Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc because he doesn’t approve of their policies. But when organizations refuse to do business with him because of his policies he starts pitching hissy fits about censorship and fascism. Freedom for me but not for thee…

    1. Is a person confusing “policies” with “opinions”?

      Does Bob hoover-up personal information from software that he sells?

      Did Bob fire someone working for him for expressing anti-libertarian beliefs that did not comport with his own in an e-mail internal to his organization?

      Does Bob, say, run a Web site that has become the defacto “town square” and then ban people, hypothetically speaking, for saying positive things about BLM?

      Mr. Zimmerman is not being inconsistent, and his expression of personal opinions and political beliefs are not what-about-equivalent with organizations mentioned.

      1. Does Bob…

        Bob does and says things that make people not want to associate with him. Which, whether wise or foolish, petty or otherwise, is their right. Bob, justifiably, does not like when his freedoms are encroached upon. So, yes, he is being inconsistent when he objects to others exercising theirs.

        1. I fail to see whose freedoms Bob is encroaching on. That looks like a false equivalence to me. Or at least, one side’s transgression is much worse than the other side’s. Elephant to rodent.

  4. We went from the inability for terminally ill patients unable to try non-FDA certified drugs, to Trump passing “right-to-try”, and now we have the left mandating use. The root issue is the same, get the government out of managing healthcare. Then, if Kamala Harris doesn’t want to take a vaccine created by Trump that CNN said couldn’t be done, she doesn’t have to. The rest of us can use it if we think it is the right thing for our situation or not if it isn’t.

  5. While Zimmerman is correct about vaccines not doing a good job stopping the spread, the policy the cavers should have adopted if they were concerned about catching and spreading covid is to give everyone an instant test when they arrive. Because vaccinated spread covid, they should also be subjected to the same testing as the unvaccinated.

    The virus goes where it goes, our focus should be on identifying and helping those who get sick.

    This isn’t the first time he has butted heads with his caving friends over covid. IMO, in this and the other occasion both parties were being unreasonable and serve as great examples of the failure of people over the past few years to handle a difficult situation with dignity.

    Maybe all of this will change over the coming year.

    It is nice to see Zimmerman has a game in the works.

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