6 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Brownshirts”

  1. So how are they going to distinguish between “anti-government and anti-authority” folks and the “get the dipshits out of our goverment and the authority you think you have isn’t yours, it is the citizenry’s authority” folks?

    As best I remember, only the anarchists are truly anti-government. Even libertarians recognize a (de minimis) role for government. And yes, I do recognize that what they are really saying is “If you’re not with us you’re against us”.

    Where the hell did all of the grown-ups go?

    1. They won’t distinguish, and will deny there is a distinction. The much larger latter category is the target.

      To authoritarians and totalitarians, they are a much greater threat than the extremely rare true extremists they accuse the rest of being. Anyone who insists on a distinction will be lumped in with them.

      1. They will distinguish because ambiguity is part of the plan. They need a subjective system that allows for interpretation and treating cases differently. Eventually, they may get to the stage where they explicitly set the government to go after non-Democrats, sort of like how denying you are racist is evidence you are racist.

        Equal treatment under the law means sending millions of Democrats to jail for engaging in terrorism but we all know that wont happen, so how do they set it up to protect Democrats?

  2. Democrats: You can’t stop us from pulling you from your car and beating you into a vegetable or lighting your business on fire because our speech is protected.

    Also Democrats: Someone said one of us is a jerk. They said CNN sucks. We must stop these terrorists with all means available.

    Its insane but even Democrats who think of themselves as informed and who spend hours consuming DNC news content don’t know anything about the violence their party organizes and they also think there is a current ongoing mass wave of violence against Democrats. They think blacks are hunted by cops and lynched by the tens of thousands. They think transgendered people are genocided on a daily basis. Whether it is violence done by Democrats or to Democrats they believe things that are not real and have almost zero basis in reality.

    They always try and maintain plausible deniability by saying the violence is from outside groups but the people who make up these groups work for Democrat politicians, are politicians, are the kids of party power brokers, work for DNC affiliated NGOs, are funded by the DNC, ect.

    Because Democrats are the party of political violence, how do they plan on preventing the feds from going after them? Well, they are also the party of big government and government is staffed with Democrats and the Democrats in government think the same as the Democrats in Black Bloc (they are often the same people). They will have a convoluted and contradictory system that allows them to adhere to Progressive Marxist ideology while enforcing these new laws.

  3. The federal government can’t even go to the Moon.
    It seems all federal government can do is lose the States.
    And they could even manage lose California.
    The Dems are quite insane, and are losing, and losing.

  4. On a lighter note: https://spacenews.com/nasa-leasing-bill-transformed-into-voting-rights-legislation/ ‘The move effectively sacrificed the NASA portions of the bill, something that Beyer said he accepted. “Though I did not expect this outcome when I first introduced the NASA Enhanced Use Leasing Extension Act, if my legislation will help overcome the filibuster, the Senate can finally have the long-overdue debate on voting rights this country deserves,” he said in a Jan. 13 statement. “I would be honored to make this unexpected contribution to the cause of protecting our democracy.”’

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