9 thoughts on “Biden’s Supreme Court Pick”

  1. Let the games begin!

    Will be interesting to see what they come up with. I really do want them to push so hard that at least one of Murkowski, Romney and Collins votes against.

    Also, I saw someone suggest that some senator on the Judiciary Committee with some guts (hah!) should ask the nominee the same questions Joe Biden asked Clarence Thomas.

    1. Only one of those who would vote for is maybe Collins, short of Biden letting Romney or Murkowski pick the nominee they have no reason to vote for. Face facts in the bat shyte zero sum games being played Trump cost you another supreme court justice. Now you can maybe Triangulate with Manchin/Sinema and ride the clock to the elections and run off it. Then panic and make sure get one that Manchin/Sinema approve of

      1. Huh?

        Seriously. Are you saying there’s a good chance that the Stupid Party actually will all vote against? That SloJo will have to pick someone that may not get all the Dem votes? And who’s supposed to be panicking to make sure the Dem mavericks approve the nominee? And is it good or bad that a couple or three mavericks will decide the outcome?

        1. *Sigh*
          Yes, I expect the Biden administration (sorry, I giggled after typing that oxymoron!) to propose someone worse than Sonia Sotomayor the ‘Wise Latina'(oxymoron^2).

          Yes, I expect enough RINOs to pass someone horrid…

      2. “Face facts in the bat shyte zero sum games being played Trump cost you another supreme court justice”

        Trump did just fine on SCOTUS. The reasons why he isn’t her to nominate yet another judge to SCOTUS is because Democrats spent four years running coups against him and cheated in the last election.

        Will Democrats try and storm the Capitol again this time or have they sworn off violence after they attacked the Christmas parade?

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