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  1. I got an MPH in 1992 and even back then, public health was clearly biased to the left. It wouldn’t surprise me if schools of public health are now radically to the left. I have my own stories about opposition that I received in class by students and professors whenever I challenged the prevailing dogma with arguments from science.

    Back then, the hot button environmental issue was the so-called population bomb. Their arguments of catastrophe have not aged well with the concern now being reasonably expressed of a population decline with aging. Back then, the female fertility rate was dropping in all countries so the population future we are now in should have been entirely predictable. Now the “crises” of the day is climate change and social inequities.

    Having said that, being a physician and public health professional, I fully support both the treatment of individuals as well as the goals of public health including the appropriate role of government in protecting the public. It’s the leftist political agenda pushing itself into all aspects of our lives that I object to.

  2. That is a powerful message and it illuminates a huge problem. Health care is one of the largest costs in government and growing uncontrolled. That much money redirected towards social justice would be a major force for evil.

  3. I spent 17 years as a public health nonprofit’s financial professional. Whereas the author did note that 4 causes weren’t new, they were deeply entrenched during my entire tenure. I told the Board of Directors a number of times that the general public looks at PH as scolds.

    I recently commented to a co-worker that CDC needs to go back to the days of their Mr. Yuck (poison campaign) of the 70s.

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