14 thoughts on “Clinton’s Crimes”

  1. I don’t know….I’ve thought pretty terrible things about her crimes.

    And so far, I haven’t been disappointed.

      1. What Seth Rich wasn’t recent enough ? Wasn’t that part of the CDS?

        Funny how the Rand linked article refused to mention the nothing burger of what they were actually looking at.
        The quoted section with the most “explosive ” stuff about ‘infiltration’ was so wrong had to be rewritten out of the linked Epoch times article it was reference to.

        1. So the crime of a using government contractor access to NSA tools to spy on first a Presidential campaign and then a President while colluding with DNC operatives working at the highest non-appointee levels of the IC to influence the election and depose a duly elected President in a series of coups doesn’t matter if they didn’t hack anything you consider good?

          That’s us remarkably self serving.

  2. It seems Biden is saber-rattling.
    I guess because of his low approval rating.
    Anyhow I wondered if Putin was saber-rattling.
    So googled Russia saber rattling, first hit, headline:
    Putin’s saber-rattling reflects Russian rage over the loss of Ukraine
    April 15, 2021

    [Sleepy Joe, I guess.]
    Anyhow more than year ago:
    “These policies have included the specific targeting of Putin’s personal friend and unofficial representative in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk. For the previous seven years, the Ukrainian authorities had allowed Medvedchuk to conduct openly pro-Kremlin activities in the country, even granting him special privileges to fly to Moscow for private audiences with Putin. Most observers assumed this bizarre arrangement reflected unspoken agreements between Kyiv and the Kremlin regarding the indispensable role of Medvedchuk in delicate peace negotiations.

    All that changed in February 2021, when Zelenskyy announced the closure of three pro-Kremlin Ukrainian TV channels linked to Medvedchuk, and imposed personal sanctions on the pro-Russian figure along with his wife.” And:
    “The audacity of Zelenskyy’s move sparked fury in Moscow and provoked a response that is still unfolding. Days after the decision to shutter Medvedchuk’s TV channels, Kremlin forces in east Ukraine began to increase their attacks along the 400km front line of the conflict. By early April, the Ukrainian death toll for the year had risen to 27 soldiers, more than half the total number lost during 2020. ”

    So, seems it’s just Biden who is saber-rattling.
    It doesn’t seem like it going to help Dem in the elections this year.
    I think Biden doing more destruction to Dem party, than Obama did in eight years.
    That Clinton jumps in, recently. makes me wonder if it was not actually so much Obama, but Clinton which destroyed the Dem, more.
    It seems that Dems like Obama more the Clinton.

      1. OK, folks. You’re a great audience. I will be here all week. Try the veal, and remember to tip your waiter.

  3. I think she’ll die of old age before seeing the inside of a courtroom.

    But her legacy? In a few years at most, all we’ll be revealed. She’ll be in the history books alright, just not the way she hoped…

    And best of all, I think she knows it.

  4. In WWII, Hillary, Obama, their DNC and media cronies, and every corrupt pos government employee that participated would be in jail for life or until it was their turn in the chair.

    1. It’s important that institutional funding be set up to maintain the Cullors’ homes on an indefinite basis. Who better to do that than operatives with realty experience in Arkansas?

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