15 thoughts on “The Hatred Of Democrats By Rurals”

  1. And please, let’s not cry about these poor rural Democrats living in fear. They should since their agenda aims to destroy the country, but liberals in the cities would happily burn what few conservatives reside in their dominion so it cuts both ways.

    It does cut both ways. I see this same ostracization on the Democrat side too (such as in universities). Don’t become what you loathe.

    1. At least not until there is no choice. Fortunately, the tide seems to be turning without that having become entirely necessary. The recent crushing defeats of three Woke schoolboard members in San Francisco demonstrates that not even deep blue urban bastions are immune to pushback from “deplorables.”

    2. Enh, this is just a scaremongering bit about the evil rurals. A Democrat in rural America is in no danger because of their political affiliation and wont get treated any differently than anyone else but that doesn’t fit the narrative, so the rurals have to all be mean people. They aren’t.

      Democrats aren’t hiding their signs because they are afraid of violence. They are ashamed they support Biden. The AP is trying to take that shame and turn it into evidence of being victimized, when it isn’t.

      There is no social group in the USA that experiences more discrimination than Republicans on college campuses. It doesn’t even come close to comparing some Democrat taking down a political sign, years after the election mind you, because they are sad and ashamed to have voted for Biden.

      1. Live near a University and decide that you don’t feel like having you vehicle keyed because you have a Republican bumper sticker. Feel that and then tell me about how Leftists feel oppressed…

  2. I don’t hate my Democrat rivals.

    They’re still people/individuals.

    I just don’t respect them very much.

    Not at all, really.

  3. “Those ignorant racist morons out in nowhereland are too stupid to realize how superior we Democrats and our ideas are. Why won’t they vote for us? Why do they vote against their own interests?”

    1. Strange that people with integrity who can delay gratification and think of the larger picture don’t fall for petty bribery.

  4. I have a lot of relatives in a very “red” state (where I hope to move one day), and they are what most people (including themselves) would call hillbillies. They are also the smartest, hardest-working, most productive people I have ever met. They are the people who make this country work.

    Have spent a lot of time with them, I can say one thing with a lot of conviction: they don’t hate anybody (and neither do I). They treat people with respect, though when some Progressive politician’s name is mentioned, they just roll their eyes, give a dismissive wave of the hand, and go about living life.

    Democrats interpret that as “hatred.” I think I know the reason for that. It’s that their existence has been dismissed. Their self-worth, and hence existence, is based on what other people think of them, whether it is admiration or fear. What they can’t stand is indifference.

    There’s a passage in The Fountainhead where the villain, Ellsworth Toohey, receives a rebuke from the hero, Howard Roark, that is existentially devastating to him. Toohey has essentially “cancelled” Roark, in modern parlance, destroying his ability to to practice the profession he loves (architecture), and Roark is fully aware of that fact. The two have a chance face to face encounter in which Toohey says: “We’re alone. Why don’t you tell me what you think of me.”

    To which Roark gives the devastating reply: “But I don’t think of you.”

    That’s what the “red” state folks are effectively saying, and it’s the one and only response that the Left can’t stand. It drives them insane.

    1. “What they can’t stand is indifference.”

      Two way street as indifferent means you might wake up to find natural gas illegal or any number of Progressive Marxist indignities.

      1. Studied indifference is sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting, “La! La! La!” until they freeze your bank account and impound your dog. The only way Wokeism will be defeated, permanently, in the long term, is if someone kills all the Woke. I wonder who will do that job for the people with their fingers in their ears? Where’s the Little Red Hen when you need her?

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