2 thoughts on “Elon And Russia”

  1. Elon is backing the Ukrainian resistance, while the head of Roscosmos is all in for Putin and has threatened to drop the ISS on top of our heads. It’s possibly the most delicate situation in space since the 1960’s or 70’s.

    From just prior to Christmas: Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina will fly on SpaceX’s Crew-5 mission to the International Space Station

    I’d thought I’d seen something more recent where she was in Hawthorne. If that’s the case, her life right now must be really interesting, to say the least. Essentially, her two parents are in the middle of a very ugly divorce and she’s caught in the middle. Someday, after it’s all over, I want to read the inside scoop on what she, Crew-5, and everyone remotely connected went through.

  2. I want to find out the truth about the ROS/USOS interconnect. Suposedly, the connections betweem Zarya, PMA1, and Unity cannot be broken (one way bolts, mechanicals and eletrics removed and discarded). But too many authorities, Rusian and US, are now saying otherwise.

    If it’s otherwise, as I’ve said before, removing PMA1 exposes a standard berthing port, to which Cygnus can attach. If that’s the case, then work should be started on a custom Cygnus as of yesterday. There’s a stowage port on the Z1 Truss, if we want to keep PMA1 for some reason (it would need an IDA adapter to be useful).

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