7 thoughts on “The American Left”

  1. It’s not Putin-specific. The left empowers anything and anyone who is the enemy of the United States and the American People.

    1. What Flight-ER-Doc said, with an additional marked loathing of Middle Class Bourgeoisie values. They hate the Middle Class because as a group it just wants to raise a happy family and be left alone to do so.

  2. “For the Republicans, meanwhile, the war in Ukraine also poses a challenge for Republicans due to the still considerable influence of Donald Trump, who views Putin as “a genius”.”

    Yeah, by lying about Trump, just like the author is.

    “But it is tangible realities — such as oil, food, and the ability to build things — that will determine our ability to resist external autocratic forces”

    The autocratic forces are calling from inside the house. These gullible think tank types are so concerned about pushing us into war in Russia that they ignore existential threats to our own country.

    At the end of the meandering op-ed, the author celebrates with an America is back baby! But what he described wasn’t American leadership but how everyone else acted in the absence of American leadership.

  3. There’s a reason they don’t actually give the full quote of Trump’s “genius” comment; in context, it’s no praise. It’s rather stupid of Trump to phrase it that way (Because he’s been burned by this kind of thing before), but he was speaking about Putin’s move to recognize the two areas he’s long been trying to break away in the Donbas, as an excuse to send in “Peacekeepers”.

    It’s also worth remembering how the Democrats howled when Trump started sending weapons to Ukraine.

    As for the Russians, their claims are often preposterous, but I do think one part is legitimate; their top leadership keeps seeing Nazis everywhere they look. I believe them on this. The reason is simple; I’ve been to Russia, so I know that their palaces and ornate offices have a lot of mirrors.

  4. “It’s also worth remembering how the Democrats howled when Trump started sending weapons to Ukraine.”

    These people can’t even bring themselves to say Trump was right even though they now advocate for his policies.

    1. They can’t even remember that long, long ago time of January 13th, 2022 when they used the senate filibuster (You know, that thing they call “racist” and must be abolished) to block the sanctions bill against the Russia-Germany Nordstream II pipeline.

      I guess it’s only non-Putin pipelines that they object to.

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