11 thoughts on “The Silence Of The Lambs”

  1. I see the link has been censored, just like any viewpoint that doesn’t parrot the immediate narrative on people who think they are transgenders.

  2. I suppose if they refused to swim they would put their scholarships at risk, and potentially be sanctioned at the national and international levels.

    1. Their lives would be destroyed.

      Everyone has seen how Democrats treat people like this in public but we don’t know what happens in private because their media wont report on it. They don’t need to because being abused and then forgotten is the threat.

  3. The women should have all refused to swim against him.

    Why should they? 90% of them would vote for this stuff. They were just dumb enough to believe it would be someone else paying the consequences.

      1. The difference is she’s sitting on top of a mountain of FU money. She can afford to buck the trans-mafia. These women are just trying to hold on to their scholarships.

  4. If women refuse to compete against this grifter, they will be disqualified for unsportsMANlike conduct.

    And this grifter will swim for another year or two, get a haircut and put the medals on his office shelf, a story to tell future clients.

    1. Remember Renee Richards? Did you ever want anything badly enough to cut your dick off for it? If it happened nowadays he could be a female tennis champion, dick and all. I wonder how he feels about all this. He’s 87 and still alive. “She now lives in a small town north of New York City with her platonic companion Arleen Larzelere.” I know more than one translesbian. Of course, at 87 it’s likely moot. I’m only 71 and getting testosterone injections to remain functionally male.

  5. Refusing to compete would be the principled thing to do, but we all know many do not do the principled thing.

    Self-interest: a concern for one’s own advantage and well-being:
    acted out of self-interest and fear

  6. The feminist fought for title 9 and now it’s being weponized against them because they slid down the slippery slope. In short order all women’s sports will be dominated by men.

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