5 thoughts on “The Coming Bloodbath”

  1. Actually it’s easy to see how oh yes, they can:

    Biden is racking up ‘wins’ – at least to the view of the Left and the Lemmings (plenty of low-info-voter Indies out there, too): Russia, Covid, SCOTUS – if you are a Lefty or simply gobble up the news and ‘traditional media’ commentaries as gospel, yes inflation is on the other side of the Biden Performance Ledger but it’s the ONLY thing (and legacy media WILL try and dissociate Brandon’s being responsible for it thereon).

    The GOP W-I-L-L confirm Jackson. The GOP has already let the Covid stuff slide. The GOP has nearly out-hawked the Dems on Russia. The GOP will NOT stand firm on social issues either at the national level, or in the many states where it already has the votes (bad RINO governor squishes, mostly). They will grab the easy cosmetic talking points without emphasizing enough substantive difference on policy, and as usual will bribe their own constituents with porky earmarks.

    The Democrats deliberately mussed with the census. Many of their 2020 shenanigans are STILL in place. They have been racking up multiple wins in redistricting efforts. And, if they can get push to come to shove, they WILL declare elections suspendable under guise of national security if they cannot blunt the Red Wave or transform it into another ‘Red Mirage’. Don’t ever count this out.

    Consider how many months are between now and then. SO much can change, including artificially bottoming out Brandon’s numbers and creating an aura of inevitability. As the Laptop story shenanigan showed us, news suppression CAN work.

  2. Never underestimate the power of the leftist media to carry water for the democrats regardless of how bad they have screwed up.

  3. The bi-factional ruling party is alive and well. Republicans in charge again will produce no significant change. Just a different speed to the same end-point.

  4. “The bi-factional ruling party is alive and well. Republicans in charge again will produce no significant change. Just a different speed to the same end-point.”

    Which is why both parties leadership (dem and Republicans) both hated Trump with a passion; remember the Mueller investigation started under Republican controlled Congress.

  5. Ex-prosecutor: Trump ‘guilty of numerous felony violations’

    “In the letter, published Wednesday by The New York Times, Mark Pomerantz told District Attorney Alvin Bragg there was “evidence sufficient to establish Mr. Trump’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt” of allegations he falsified financial statements to secure loans and burnish his image as a wealthy businessman.”

    Okay…but check out this buried in the same news story:

    “Some legal experts had said that Manhattan prosecutors faced a potential hurdle in proving that Trump or his company intentionally falsified financial statements.”

    Buried near the end where most people won’t read it; with no identification of or links of course to said legal experts and their arguments as to why it would be difficult to prove the case. Typical MSNBC or CNN hit job


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