12 thoughts on “The Latest FAA Delay”

    1. No bureaucrat is penalized for exercising “due diligence”… unless their Boss wants the job finished Yesterday. It isn’t a windmill farm so that’s not going to happen with this administration.

      TL/DR: SpaceX didn’t bribe the right people.

      1. Who at NASA (besides the crew) paid for the shuttle decisions that lead to disasters?

        Who at FAA paid for the delays in upgrading the computers/radar/radios?

        Who at CDC paid for COVID? Who at FDA paid?

        Being a government employee means never having to say you screwed up.

  1. Once Space-X achieves off world self-sustaining operations, all future solar system revenue generating activities are non-taxable.

    The Man can’t afford to allow that.

  2. Musk will be out of his mind to send bureaucrats to Mars. Then he’ll have to deal with BOTH an FAA and a MAA.

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