15 thoughts on “If Biden Pays Off Student Loans”

  1. Despite some publications trying to move past the sale and make the case for conservative cancellation of student debt, whatever path Democrats choose to enact their policies will have no input from NRO or even from people who aren’t on the left.

    But what if…

    What if…

    What if we imagined winning and what we do when we win.

    1. Your point is well made, and it is a problem I’ve seen often and never been able to quite describe. Way too often, the Right takes the position that Left’s proposal is a foregone conclusion in being implemented and only talks about retribution. How about taking the position that such action will be totally unacceptable and laughing at them constantly that they ever thought it would be winning. If the ridicule doesn’t work and the proposal is enacted, then don’t just promise to reverse it; actually do it and pass laws to make sure it never happens again. Unfortunately, we saw what happened with government required health insurance. Today, we have a government created board to control speech, and it wasn’t even the top concern for Republicans coming out of the hearing in which we learned about it.

      1. I hope the GOP gets their shit together and starts representing their voters so there is a reason to vote for them instead of voting against the Progressive Marxists. They have been coasting for too long on merely being the opposition.

        There is a time for being sad and butthurt and a time for fighting.

        The point I made was not my own but one made by a number of other prominent and rando people and it rings true because we all feel it.

        I think leadership problems all go back to the differences between the two parties. One bent on total control of ever single conscious and unconscious action that humans make and the other just wants to be left alone. The GOP needs a better way to build leaders because those most likely to step up are the ones we don’t want in charge (right now).

  2. On day one as President I’d appoint a government review board made up of strictly private sector executives I trust to review top to bottom every executive agency for mission, vision, goals and accomplishments. With the view of eliminating or consolidation of as many as possible. I very much liked the Trump era idea for example of moving the Dept. of the Interior out of DC to maybe Denver. The Dept of HHS to Kansas City. Agriculture to Indianapolis or Des Moines etc. The problem is that a chief executive term limited to eight years probably isn’t long enough to execute the needed reforms. As it’s trending, we’re Faucisizing government to the point that agencies pass rules without input from the other branches of government that they view as interference. We need some major reforms at this point.

    1. You are sooo right!

      The only way to do what you want is for one of the parties to have that be an explicit part of the platform and to have specific actions they proposed to do so and they have to be able to do this as a group and to continue the effort from one politician to the next. Quite the challenge for a party that is big into being individuals.

      Newt has lots of baggage but when he put his plan out there back in the day, it gave people something to organize around and without something like that, congress is left to their own devices and that’s not good for anyone except their brokers.

  3. On the OP how about reparations for those who followed the rules and paid off their debt? Where’s their remuneration?

    1. I like how we are all arguing about this like it means something. Just print the money and be done with it. Its like, “No, we can’t print money to pay off deadbeat debt that would be disastrous but we can print money for gender and race restrictive SBA loans and chickens writing poetry.

      Am I at the point where I just want to see the debt go up like a stuck key on a keyboard? No, but if it is happening anyway why argue about inconsequential stuff on the periphery? Like, while we argue about this one issue, how many times have we already spent equivalent or greater sums of money on other unworthy things?

      Can’t decide whether or not to be optimistic or pessimistic today.

  4. One thing we know for sure but hasn’t been discussed is that if the feds ever did some form of loan forgiveness, is that the former students would have to declare it as income and pay taxes. If someone had a high paying job but also lots of debt, their taxable income could be rather high that year. The reactions of all of the people waking up to a tax bill when they thought they were getting free money would be priceless.

  5. Um, isn’t the big scary right now inflation?

    Inflation is directly caused by government actions that cause more money to chase the same number of goods.

    For example, forgiving student loans.

    Or for example, not having student loans charge interest.

    This is why we have inflation.

    1. The larger inflationary danger is if they do do some sort of loan forgiveness. Everyone is framing this as deadbeat former students, probably all doctors, that are going to get a free ride but there are some problems with this.

      The main problem is that is really isn’t the former students benefiting. Sure, they will get some benefit but that will be taxed and it will hurt their credit score and in the big picture, it doesn’t amount to much because these people already weren’t paying their bills. Who benefits?

      The lending brokerages and banks benefit. This is really just another bank bailout but they don’t want anyone to come down on predatory lending or the Democrat bootcamp academies. They direct the anger at former students and the idiot talking heads on the right go along with it. Darn those kids!

      This drives a wedge between Republicans and younger voters when there doesn’t need to be one. Democrats are trying to woo them away so you… play right into the Democrat’s strategy?

      Banks are sitting on bad loans and don’t just want a bailout but to keep the gravy train rolling without any changes. No creditors will get stiffed. They will print the money and say it is for the college kids. Republicans would make fun of the soibois lacking the basket weaving skills to survive on Etsy and Democrats would console their dupes that they finally stuck it to the banks.

      All the money and zero of the attention goes to the banks though! In a trillion dollar bailout, there are sure to be some new billionaires and millionaires, strange we aren’t hearing anything about these amazing success stories.

  6. The Muskian case for student loans:

    Give everyone with a student loan a lump sum of what they owe and then tell them they have to make payments until the end of their original term. See what happens with the money and who was able to grow it, who squandered it, and who was able to avoid thieving backstabbing schemers when given a second chance.

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