5 thoughts on “Switchbladeapolooza”

  1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Ground support aircraft will evolve into swarm directors. Stealth and endurance of these manned (crewed 🙂 vehicles will be more important than speed. It is coming and soon.

    Here is the F/A-18 (emphasis on the /A) demo that was linked to the linked article.

    1. I would state it another way: “air-dropped munitions will become smart weapons capable of flying to the target area, observing it and finally striking the most valuable target with minimal commands from the launching aircraft”. The recon drone and the kamikaze warhead carrying drone merging into one platform.

  2. Just to prognosticate a little, there will end up being a couple of friendly fire incidents with automated AI drones and there will be a hue and cry amongst the “smarter” people to eliminate the things. The army will continue to quietly improve them and train with them and, should the need arise, they will put them back in the field with little fanfare.

    As they should. After all, we still use artillery, don’t we? Never did a weapon kill so many of its own people.

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