11 thoughts on “A New Space Organization”

  1. Interesting that it’s located in Cambridge, MA. Though I once had a meeting at Lincoln Labs up there, and the guy I met with regaled me with Chamber of Commerce propaganda about how Silicon Valley East was rapidly emerging. The Leftist infrastructure is certainly there, but…

    1. IIRC the Cambridge MA area was known for advanced electronics in the 1970’s.

  2. They’ve got Dava Newman, Esther Dyson, and George Whitesides in advisory roles.

  3. Marxism in spaaaace:

    …Aurelia Institute’s policy arm considers the real and philosophical challenges of creating an inclusive, equitable, and accessible foundation for a society in space–from negotiating resource sharing in the “space commons,” to key governance questions for future human settlements, to the ethics of novel technology development upon which human life in extreme environments will depend”.

    1. I think we should encourage Marxism in space. The only way they can start a society with a clean conscience of no past and without having to Year Zero a bunch of people is to start fresh off Earth with no ideological baggage except the insanity they bring with them.

      There is only one drawback, how to convince them to spend their own money rather than glomming onto the productive things other groups will be doing?

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