6 thoughts on “NASA’s Artemis Branding Problem”

  1. Correct, it’s a Lady Ghostbuster right up until the astronauts strap into the Starship lunar lander. Then it’s The Man Who Sold the Moon.

  2. Wasn’t ‘Artemis’ (a Greek goddess) announced by NASA in a presser where they specifically said that the crew would include not the bests qualified people, but a female member?

    I didn’t pay any attention to ‘Artemis’ after that. And nothing I’ve seen or heard since has changed my mind.

  3. Even the ‘manned’ missions may not generate much enthusiasm by the time they take place. Inevitably, they will be delayed.
    Meanwhile, SpaceX may be sending ‘cruise ships’ on cislunar tours before then. Which, if so, will make Artemis missions on Orion look rather silly.

  4. For one thing, very few people care about space. Another, the DNC media won’t pump Trump. Democrats are also anti-space right now for anything that doesn’t support gullible warming.

    However, what are the distinctions between Artemis missions and the Artemis Accords? The Artemis Accords are incredible, far more important than any of these proposed SLS missions.

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