6 thoughts on “Imagining The Unimaginable”

  1. We’re living the nightmare that Pat Robertson preached about on the 700 Club back in the 80’s, but he thought all the horrors came after the nuclear holocaust. A worthless currency, famine, starving babies, people living in tents and pooping on the streets, drug addicts passed out in public, gangs and warlords controlling the cities, infanticide, open pedophiles and sexual mutants, millions of Third Worlders flooding across an undefended southern border, and communists and crooks running DC.

    Little did Pat suspect that such insanity was the pre-apocalyptic America. The coming nuclear exchange will probably straighten out most of those problems and everybody will go back to being Ward and June Cleaver.

        1. D’oh!

          When I went back to see how I made such an eggregious goof, I found the Wikipedia page for Robert Beale is no more. Which is in some ways worse. Real Wikipedia still uses “misogynist” to describe Vox Day, which I know to be nonsense. Although it can be argued that he meets the casual definition for racist and sexist, vanishingly few heterosexual men harbor misogyny (maybe a few bitter old incels). Even a few feminists undertstand this. As one said, “Sexism has a theory.”

    1. “everybody will go back to being Ward and June Cleaver.”

      Right, because of the radiation but if chimeras were that common, we would see them in Russian soldiers returning from Chernobyl.

      1. You guys need to watch a few seasons of “Leave it to Beaver” (your grammar joke notwithstanding). I grew up watching it in first run, and it was simply an idealized portrayal of a slightly earlier lifestyle (I lived then in Northern Virginia’s Marumsco Village,* significantly more ticky-tacky than the Cleaver family’s earlier suburb). Basically, that’s how non-urban white folks lived in the mid-1950s. A perpetual joke at the time:

        “Wars, I’m going to shoot the Beaver.”

        “Oh, must you June?”

        Beaver being then common slang for pussy.

        * Prior to Marumsco Village, I lived in La Sal Creek Canyon, Utah, now a Superfund Site.

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