2 thoughts on “RIP, Randy Weaver”

  1. There ought to be federal laws that allow local district attorneys & law enforcement considerable leeway when to come to enforcement of court orders. Had the local officials guidance and advice been followed Ruby Ridge would never have happened all while judicial procedures were followed and laws enforced. It was all about a missed court date because a bad letter with the wrong date went out to a very remote, rural area with poor communication. But you had federal attorneys trying to make a name for themselves and the FBI doing it’s informant thing, as it tends to do, exploiting impoverished white people because they can get away with it, entrapment and civil liberties be damned. Then a kid shot a man who had just shot his dog who got shot in return. And a sniper tried to do the Dirty Harry, shooting through a door (instead of behind an airliner partition). What happened to the idea of always knowing what you are shooting at? What a true CF. This lowered my opinion of Louis Freeh considerably. And now history repeats in Michigan, without the gun play. At least at Ruby Ridge the surviving kids got $1M apiece for the loss of their mom, whose crime was holding the door open for her spouse with an infant in her arms.

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