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  1. Forever golden:


    One of the many misinformations about Old English is, it was it was like German, and changed to English by Norman French. In fact, most of the change was done through the influence of Old Norse spoken in the Danelaw, after the conquest of Merseia. Old Norse made Old English lose its inflections. The main Romance effect was legal and food vocabulary.

  2. Our middle daughter had a slight speech impediment. Our older daughter, and our youngest child, a son, BARELY escaped being renamed by their sister as “Sissy” and “Bubba”.

  3. This speaks to me.

    Old English sounds cool when you read the translation but not so much when you try and pronounce the native word. It is only when spoken that the language sings. It is mesmerizing.

    I used to have what was claimed to be a recording of Tolkien reading Beowulf. Twas neat.

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