4 thoughts on “Debt And Demagoguery”

  1. “Today, as a loud minority of voters is calling for President Biden to “cancel” or “forgive” billions of dollars in federal student loan debts—shifting the costs of higher education onto the backs of working taxpayers”

    Allow me to be a pedant. The costs of higher education aren’t shifting. This is a conflation of two issues, paying off deadbeat student debt and free college. The proposal being floated is to pay off existing debt and people keep talking about free college. This conflation is intentional by the people pushing the scam.

    It also doesn’t put the bill on the back of the taxpayers. We print money. No ones’ taxes are going for this and if they were, we all know who pays the most taxes.

    What they want to do is print money to bailout the people holding bad debt. This is existing student debt and while current students are bundled in, they want the bad debt gone. It can’t be discharged through bankruptcy and it can’t get paid back. All of the rest of it is political theatre.

    Are Democrats trying to get votes? Sure by lying. They aren’t going to do free college and while some debtors will benefit, they are a small population and wont affect any elections. The PR benefit comes from Republicans attacking college kids for wanting free college and not the lenders that are the beneficiaries of the bailout, they get the money.

    It comes from Republicans saying they need to defend the taxpayers, again look at who pays the most taxes, rather than call out printing money.

    Republicans are falling into yet another trap.

    1. If you believe the modal Republican pundit, free K-12 is The American Way but free pre-K or college is Socialism.

      1. Strangely enough it is but would it be if the commies weren’t in charge?

        Everyone wants their kids educated. How many want them raised by government? How do we pay for college for everyone when the costs are not in any way equivalent from student to student? There are issues here other than Marxism but certainly how the schools are being run is a huge issue because of the manner they are being run.

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