Uh Oh

[Update a few minutes later]

[Update at noon PDT]

[Update as the vehicle approaches ISS]

10 thoughts on “Uh Oh”

    1. If the Shuttle was NASA’s “Space Truck”, does that make Starliner NASA’s “Amtrak”?

      Seriously tho, I hope all is going well. It’s expensive as hell but it is a backup.

  1. Watched the Angry Astronaut on YouTube, he claims that two of the thrusters on the Service Module shut down prematurely when they fired, and this indicates an unknown potential problem which should, if safety is an issue, persuade NASA to call off the docking today. I have no idea of the veracity of his claim nor his sources, but if true it is concerning.

  2. Starliner has 4 “doghouses” (sometimes referred to as “cans”) around the periphery of the service module, each with 3 large and 2 small thrusters. It was two of he large ones that failed over. Since there are 12 of these, only used 4 at a time on orbit, the real problem pertains to launch escape, when all 12 are fired at once.

      1. Added info, the main impulse for the Starliner LES is from four RS-88 Bantam engines modified to run on hypergols. The OMACS thrusters are for “stabilization,” but the pictures I’ve seen show all 12 aft-facing OMACS running at the same time. I tried to find out if the RS-88s can gimbal or throttle without success. If not, then the OMACS are required.

  3. “If Dragon had arms, pretty sure it would be waving hi.”

    Or holding their hands up incase Starliner gets too close.

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