Can they no longer consent?

We are in a bad place, societally.

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Related: Jurassic Park gets canceled.

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It’s worth noting that if one goes by the French Mistress Rule (divide by two, add seven), the actress Dern was a little too young for Neill in the original (if he was 43, she should have been at least 28), but her character, who would have been in her late twenties/early thirties, was not. And now, with him in his seventies, he’d be able to date women in their forties, and she’s now in her fifties. Which makes it all the more absurd.

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  1. Go through movies and television shows from last century, and you will find all sorts of actors who play characters much older or much younger than their actual ages. The Trivia sections on, for example, have numerous examples of an actor playing the role of another actor’s father/mother, and their actual age difference is in single digits.

    Besides, last century it was supposedly common for a woman to suck-start her career by submitting sexually to an older “mentor”. If they are going to cancel Jurassic Park for implying that sort of relationship*, then let’s also cancel Kamela Harris.

    * I’ve never actually watched that movie, only seen excerpts, so I have no idea what the characters relationship was. The movie itself sounds too much like an “idiot plot”, one that depends on the supposedly genius characters repeatedly choosing the most stupid decision, leading to catastrophe.

    1. “* I’ve never actually watched that movie, only seen excerpts, ”


      For what it is, the genre, the time, the technology, the writing, and the acting, it is a great movie. One of the best of that type of movie. It is also choc full of quotes about how dumb it is to trust science in the Faucian sense.

  2. Cary Grant quit acting in romantic comedies after his 1964 film Father Goose because he thought it inappropriate for someone of his age to be romancing younger women. Grant was 60 when the film was released, and his romantic costar, Leslie Caron, was 33.

    Neither of them looked his/her age, and I never had a moment of disbelief when watching it. Sam Neill certainly didn’t look his age in Jurassic Park, and Laura Dern could believably have been in her early to mid 30s. Again, not a moment’s disbelief on my part. As a matter of fact, I think Neill has aged far better than Dern, despite what might be considered a deliberate effort on his part to look older than he is.

    1. To believe Dern’s modern version of her character would require a greater suspension of belief than the original movie. What I saw looked like a much older woman, not a child prodigy, claiming both experience and PhD qualification with a close, non-romantic, professional relationship with Neill’s character. At one point, you can even sense a romantic interest in Jeff Goldblum’s character. To believe Dern’s new account, she has nearly zero experience to be a world leading expert. She’d have been a prodigy to have a PhD at that age. Her love interest in Neill’s character was out of convenience and/or, as Raoul put it, to suck-start her career. If she didn’t cancel the original movie, she at least cancelled her character as a realistic role model.

    1. Nothing like seeing your entire career and lively-hood go up in smoke thanks to an interloper.

    2. I’d see this movie again in the theaters just to catch another glimpse of a CM-5.

  3. An adult, someone by definition who grows out of a grievance, is not an identity the woke can identify.

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