10 thoughts on “Arming Teachers”

    1. So you’ve been following LibsOfTikTok too?

      The schools are full of trans-non-binary-lesbo-fascist-commie-pedo-rapist wackos of every imaginable sort.

      1. But the wackos won’t pass the school board tests for stability, training and shooting skills.

        1. Don’t be so sure. Not that such a school, a leftist school with wackos on staff, would ever allow teacher carry in the first place but if one did there would be an outcry for “diversity” among those who were armed.

          But I guess I calmed my own fear with the above… the schools that allow these nutjobs to teacher are not the sort of schools that would ever consider arming teachers.

  1. Yeah I’m opposed to this idea. Most teachers in elementary schools I know (and based on that sample, I’d say the vast majority) are afraid of guns and want nothing to do with them.

    No, we need armed police officers with special tactical training in the schools. These would be the creme-de-la-creme of any town or city’s police force and would be required to take annual training and physical endurance tests. In fact, their beat isn’t necessarily the halls of the schools. That’s way too late. They need an enforcement perimeter outside the school that they routinely patrol and is under constant surveillance during school hours. Special in-ground fortifications looking like playground amusements, give police a place shelter in place from to spot their target while being protected by ground dirt, embankment or erected barriers. For example my grade school used concrete drainage tiles as playground items. A thick concrete can provide a decent bullet stop if earth is piled up around it, etc. Automatic door locks should be activated from either the school office or from within the classroom. Classroom doors must be made of steel and no border windows around them. There are a ton of things that can be done to harden schools. As has been noted elsewhere, Israel had this problem in spades five or so decades ago. The problem didn’t go away. Instead they fixed it. And they didn’t confiscate guns to do it.

    OTOH hardening schools only moves the target. Next up, school buses. We’re only kidding ourselves if we ignore this.

    1. I think any teacher who doesn’t like guns shouldn’t have to carry them. But any teachers or staff who do should have the option.

    2. First you would have to harden the spines of the Principals and school district administrators. Start by letting the teachers say that “No means No!” and back them up — flunk some and send some to reform schools if that doesn’t work…

      School shooting is a symptom of a long term malady.

    3. Video surveillance of the school grounds, and hallways, is a must. We keep seeing mass confusion in these tragedies because no one seems to know, early on, where the shooter is. Locate and identify as soon as possible, remotely lock doors and direct armed response to the shooters location ASAP.

      1. And avoid 2D tactical thinking. That’s why I’m a big fan of skylights in schools.

  2. First we need to get the mentally ill off the streets.
    We need to stop damaging the brains of our children with drugs.
    We need to stop trying to make everyone act and think the same.
    We need to believe people who say they want to shoot people like we do when the say they want to shoot the president.

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