5 thoughts on “Covid Was Liberalism’s End Game”

  1. This is a misuse of the the word Liberalism. There is nothing liberal in anything described in this article. Nor is there anything scientific either. The proper words are probably Progressive Authoritarianism

    1. I think he was trying to say that a society that focuses only on maximum individual autonomy creates lonely individuals, which in turn fall for all sorts of totalitarian crap as it makes them feel part of something. He needs to write better though.

  2. Speaking of end games. Looks like it’s curtains for Republicans in Michigan, your old home state Rand. I’m surprised you haven’t latched onto this story.

    Who needs ballot harvesting or drop boxes when you can just preempt the competition off the ballot? Interesting no Democrats seem to suffer the same problem, no? Interesting this wasn’t discovered until the time passed to re-submit new petitions, no?

    If this goes to election this way, the RNC needs to file both civil and criminal charges against the canvassing company(ies) used in this situation. The company that perpetrated this dirty trick needs to be bankrupted. The people that perpetrated this dirty trick need to go to jail. All to prevent it from happening again and possibly in other states as well.

    1. The nature of the fraud is just too much of a stretch to believe it was the Republicans trying to jig the system. It’s just not that hard to get the number of required signatures state-wide legitimately. No, I suspect this was an underhanded attempt at knocking out the Republican front-runners to protect an unpopular Democrat incumbent.

      A trial will tell the tale.

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