The Depp Trial

I haven’t posted anything about it, and I’ve been dismayed at how much media coverage there has been on it, but Jonathan Turley makes an interesting point about the decline of the ACLU. It would be great to see her sue it and the WaPo to get the money she needs to pay Depp.

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Thoughts from Rod Dreher on the implications for our current society and the lies of the Left.


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    1. That should be fun, from FoxNews:
      the ACLU, the organization’s COO and general counsel Terence Dougherty said in pre-recorded testimony that the ACLU actually drafted the now-infamous op-ed at the center of Depp’s defamation case.
      Dougherty testified that the ACLU named Heard an “ambassador on women’s rights with a focus on gender-based violence” and essentially served as ghostwriters for the Washington Post op-ed that a jury has since found liable for defamatory comments made against Depp.

      Seems like Heard was picked by the ACLU to be a representative and then the ACLU aided her in defaming Johnny Depp. I don’t think it was Johnny Depp that brought them into trial.

      Anyway, the ACLU can claim reimbursement, but they are asking for funds that include them doing work meant to protect them. They specifically claim their legal team worked through 7500 documents to determine that they only had to produce 1900 of them to the plantiff. Why should the plantiff pay for the review of 6600 documents they were not allowed to see? It would be great if Depp’s legal team demanded the ACLU now produce the 6600 other documents to support their case as plantiff to show why Depp should have to pay for the ACLU’s willingness to not produce them previously. When Depp’s team is done reviewing them, they can sue the ACLU for the legal fees needed to review those documents.

  1. It’s one of those things that even if you know absolutely nothing more about what’s going on, you know that something went horribly wrong.

  2. My feeling is that it’s a double win for Depp. He won the trial and she doesn’t seem to have the money to pay the judgement so it will be that much longer before he drinks and drugs himself to death.

    As they both sink into well deserved obscurity, the world will become a slightly better place.

  3. Heard will go bankrupt and likely never work in a major picture again (investors wouldn’t allow it). She’s also have trouble finding a suitable suitor. I think her best bet is to move to Tokyo and work as a high-end abusive dominatrix for Japanese business executives who want “the Johnny Depp experience”.

    1. I guess that’s better than dinner theater in Boca Raton.

      “Oh, Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo”?

    2. Heard will go bankrupt and likely never work in a major picture again (investors wouldn’t allow it).

      Bankrupt actresses are cheap actresses. I think that will win over investors easily. Just don’t expect to borrow a lot of money from her as part of your business plan.

  4. Is this something we’re supposed to care about? Do I need to have an opinion on this? I thought the whole thing was just TMZ-type celebrity gossip?

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