Good News From Boca Chica

[Update early afternoon]

Bob Zimmerman says that the good news is mitigated.

[Update a while later]

Elon may have to pull an all-nighter for those history reports.

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  1. “…legal disputes from environmental groups.”
    BANANA (Build Anywhere Not Anywhere Near Anyone)? Or Greenmail? One or the other or both at the same time seem inevitable.

    I am more sad than cynical on this issue.

    1. It’s the typical green shakedown scheme. They want SpaceX to give them millions of dollars every year to make the lawsuits go away. Officially, the money will be to pay for “monitoring” the environment around Boca.Chica, but it’s just another protection racket.

      1. Signs in Spanish reminding people that Mexico has lost every war it fought Americans. I don’t know what that has to do with the environment but I like it.

  2. Where is the missing requirement for SpaceX to post to the Internet full length videos of the complete flight profiles for each proposed Super Heavy and Starship launch in the form of an interpretive dance?

    I must say, I’m somewhat disappointed in this glaring oversight by the FAA, given that they had six months.

    1. I’m surprised there is no requirement to share lessons learned on return to pad launcher landings with disadvantaged partners, such as USA, Boeing, and China.

    2. Mr. Spain, if you think you are being sarcastic, you might be in for a surprise…

      1. They don’t have a launch license yet. The mime has only given them the invisible one. So there’s still hope!

  3. Not quite sure what most of those special requirements have to do with NASA…. None of them have a thing to do with mohammedan outreach

  4. But you know, and I’m being serious, there are probably many SpaceX employees, particularly Californians, who are looking forward to monitoring ocelot health or making sure nesting sea turtles aren’t disturbed, as part of their job duties. As to whether Elon is okay with that…

    1. And when audio communication breaks down SpaceX will need that team of mimes in their astronaut corps to provide essential communications in a series of still JEPG files emailed down to Mission Control. Much quicker than text.

  5. I may be delving deep into paranoia here, but last fall I made what I thought was a sarcastic prediction; that SpaceX’s FAA and EPA launch problems would ease once they’d delayed Starship enough to let SLS fly first, and be declared operational first.

    After all, it’d make a heck of a lot of congresscritters and bureaucrats look very silly if, when SLS launches, it’s only the world’s second biggest, most powerful, etc, rocket. (and worse yet, the biggest one is orders of magnitude cheaper to fly).

    Am I being paranoid here… or am I not being paranoid enough?

      1. Hrmmm. Then in that case, I have a new prediction; if SLS Artemis 1 turns out to be a suborbital launch (perhaps very suborbital, such as doing a RTLS to the pad), then I predict that SpaceX will suddenly find itself having having a new round of bureaucratic red tape for Starship.

    1. Well, look at up side, if not for Starship, SLS would be delayed, more.
      Though possible SLS may be delayed more, but it seems more of chance, that they lit the candle.

      I just know, I would be more annoyed, if FAA repeated adding another month.

      1. I could be sarcastic here and say, “Yeah far better that we get a non-committal statement about obtaining a launch license.”

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