5 thoughts on “The Paranoia Of Office Politics”

  1. NDA’s most companies require you to sign after accepting an offer of employment, need to be expanded to prohibit using social media to single out the employer or to individually identify co-workers for grievances, end of story. Violate the NDA and it’s cause for termination. If you need to complain, stay within your company’s management or HR lanes or quit. It’s pretty simple really.

    1. This is why my FB profile is set so that all posts are friends only, and nobody at work knows what my account is or even if I have one.

  2. I don’t discuss politics at work anymore. The last days I was able to do that was back in a time when a gray hazy cloud arose around the cubicles at work from all the chain smokers. I won’t mention the certain manufacturer of automotive tools that featured posters of scantily clad women holding various tools, etc. that one MANAGER had taped on the floor to ceiling plaster wall bounding the far side of his cubicle. I’m not saying it was better back then, but it was surely different.

  3. Kinda think we need to keep our eyes on the commies. I mean, just look around at what they are doing. You definitely don’t want to turn your back on them or get drug along on one of their crusades.

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